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October 30, 2010

Bali is my life

The people of Bali invite you to experience the pleasure of their island...

When you ask anyone who has visited Bali, "What's the best thing about Bali?" Their response is usually the same - "the people". Whether it's a 30 second chat with the waiter at breakfast or a 3 hour surf lesson discovering the hip phrases of surfing language, their warmth, charm and friendliness shine through leaving you feeling refreshed and wanting more.

  And more is their waiting for you, with a wealth of interesting characters eager to show you; colourful temple ceremonies, endless beaches at sunset, dramatic misty volcanoes, terraced rice fields under the dappled light of coconut trees, candle lit fine dining, charming villages, pulsating nightlife and pounding surf - just for starters. We want you to see the beautiful rice fields, the Barong dance by torch light, pounding surf below temples perched on the cliff top, the arts and crafts in the markets and so much more.
  So when you think about your next holiday, think about making friends with the people of Bali.
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