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November 24, 2010

China Helps Realize Bali as Community-Based Tourism

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1-Community-Based-TourismAUTHORITY of China promised to help Bali in creating the community-based tourism. Indeed, this bijou island has such tourism potential model. In China itself, there had been people’s homes that had directly functioned as tourist accommodation, and even its facilities could parallel to the five-star amenities.

Similar model will also be implemented in Bali to empower the communities later on. Therefore, they would be able to delight in the sweetness of tourism in person. This concept resembled to the tourism village in Bali, said Mangku Pastika after attending the plenary session of the Bali House not long ago.

According to the Governor of Bali, China had also been ready to build a coal-fired power plant. He ascertained that development of such coal-fired power plant at Celukan Bawang, Buleleng, should be ready to work on by November 2010 and accomplished in 2012. This electricity supply with 340 MW power would be undertaken in three stages.

He added it constituted an investment concept or business and not a loan fund. The result of the electricity produced by the company would be sold to the state-owned electricity or PLN to supply the electricity demand throughout Bali.

Additionally, Governor of Bali observed that China would also help realize the green Bali Province. There would be one company in Shanghai, China, which was ready to help create the green province. The method taken was by working with the United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) which would help in the field of green economy.

According to Governor of Bali, the three elements posed an agreement made with China for Bali when performing a working visit together with the Vice President Boediono, not long ago. (image/bud)
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