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December 02, 2010

Bali Spirit festival 2011 in Ubud Bali

Be a part of something that will change our world.

The BaliSpirit Festival
is a spiritually charged event that celebrates yoga, dance and music and the synergy of global cultural collaboration through the arts.

The Fourth Annual BaliSpirit Festival
will take place in Ubud, Bali from March 23-27, 2011.  Don’t miss it!  Early Bird Tickets are available NOW, and look for our 2011 LINE UP, which will be announced in December 2010.

Held over 5 transformational and fun-filled days, this annual celebration brings to Bali a wealth of talented and respected creative masters from around the world, merging the indigenous and rich cultures of Indonesia in the spirit of learning, collaboration and the celebration of our creative and spiritual diversity.

For more exciting news and weekly updates keep checking here or on our Facebook page to see what’s happening!

Many Blessings,

The BaliSpirit Festival Team

The Bali Spirit Festival is a leader among a new generation of festivals for the rapidly growing holistic travel marketplace. Join us from March 23 - 27, 2011 in Ubud, Bali

Michael is a rare individual whose presence inspires relaxation. He owes
much of this to three years spent living in India, and to the one-year
residential Diploma in Advanced Yogic Studies at the Bihar School of

Songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Saritah is a talented artist with a positive vision for the future.


 Twee Merrigan
 Prana Flow Yoga
 Danny Paradise
 Ashtanga Yoga
 and Shamanism 
 cat alip douglas
 JivaMukti Yoga

 Mark Whitwell
 Heart of Yoga 

 JivaMukti Yoga

 Cat Kabira
 Forrest Yoga
 and Energetics

 Olop Arpipi
 Iyengar Yoga

 Uma Inder
 Tantra Yoga
 and Ayurveda 

 Peter Clifford
 5 Elements Yoga

 Tara Judelle
 Anusara Yoga

 Jeff Von Schmauder
 Union Yoga

 Bridget Woods K.
 Anusara Yoga

 Gwyn Williams
 Zen Thai Yoga

 Simone MacKay
 Hatha Flow
 and Yin Yoga 

 Troy McFadden
 Hatha Flow
 and Yin Yoga 

 Daniel Aaron
 Vibrant Living Yoga

 Heather Duplex
 Mysore Ashtanga Yoga
 and Ayurveda 

 Prem Carlisi
 Mysore Ashtanga Yoga
 Ayurveda and Tantra 

 Rebecca Pflaum
 Chakra system
 Rachel Zinman
 Mudras, Yantras
 and Mandalas 

 Deborah Koehn
 Yoga for Elders
 and Bhuvana Yoga 
 Vidya J. Heisel
 Thematic Vinyasa Flow
 Louka Leppard
 Linda Madani
 Intuitive Flow Yoga
 Pujiastuti Sindhu
 Hatha Yoga
 Deborah Williamson
 Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga
 with Live Music
 Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

 with Live Music
 Jane Chen
 Intuitive  Love 
 Elizabeth Carovillano
 Kundalini Yoga - 3HO
 Anand Singh
 Kundalini Yoga - 3HO


 Delhi 2 Dublin
 Los Pinguos
 Ayu Laksmi
 Filter Coffee

 Susu Ibu

 Suzanne Teng
 Chris Berry
 Birkino Faso & USA
 Empress Rising
 Kevin James
 Sparrow & Adam
 Dr. Adrian H. Hearn


 Jocelyn Gordon
 Bhakti Boogie,
HoopYogi & Hoopnotica
 Ellen Watson
 Spirit Dance
 and Soulsong
 Nick Woolsey
 Play Poi
 Cloe Jackson
 Daphne Tse
 Spirit Dance
 and Soulsong
 Christina Monneron
 Afro-Cuban Rhythms



 Ananda Leone
 Carlos Pomeda
 Meditation, Tantra
 and Philosophy 
 Michael Hallock
 Watsu Water Dance
 and Healing 
 Mayan Calendar
 and Philoshophy
 Crystal Bowl Healing
 Amalia Wai Ching Lee
 Shushan Movsessian
 The Soulful Woman
 Gemma Summers
 The Soulful Woman

His Holiness Pujya Swami
Chidanand Saraswatiji

 Balispirit Festival 2010 in the media


 Happy New year 2011
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