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December 03, 2010

Happy Galungan Day , December 8th. 2010

Galungan Day

Bali will celebrate Galungan Day on 8th December 2010. This is an auspicious occasion on the island’s religious calendar that marks the beginning of a series of rituals covering a ten day period. It is a time when Balinese Hindu’s return home to their ancestral villages to reunite with extended family members. Elaborate offerings are made and traditional food is prepared in the days leading up to this festivity.

Galungan Day in Bali

The Spirit of Galungan Day

On the morning of Galungan everyone dresses in their finest attire for a ceremony in the family temple compound. Decorated shrines are filled with offerings of fruit and flowers to appease the Gods and the spirits of defied ancestors. Prayers are expressed with a waft of incense and a sprinkle of holy water. The whole process of repeated throughout the day at community temples and revered sites of worship.

The remainder of this holiday is spent feasting on local delicacies and catching up with family, friends and neighbours. Symbolically, Galungan represents the universal struggle of good versus evil. It is a time for personal reflection, to address past wrongdoings and make changes towards a better future.

Kuningan Day

Kuningan Day falls on the 18th December 2010 exactly ten days after the celebrations of Galungan. It is marked by a ceremony performed before midday in the family temple compound.
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