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February 21, 2011

Qatar Airways Offers Special fares To Jakarta And Bali

Qatar Airways Offers Special fares To Jakarta And Bali

Denpasar (Antara Bali) - Middle East airline company Qatar Airways is offering special rates for its Jakarta-Bali flights, hailed as full five-star passenger service beginning at the end of  February this year.

A disclosure from the management of the international airline company received by ANTARA here Monday morning said that the program was part of a scheme for 90 destinations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the United States and South America.

As an example, prospective passengers from  Soekarno-Hatta international airport in Jakarta could reach destinations in Europe, including Bucharest in Rumania with a return ticket of only 854 US dollars, and for London 996 US dollars, which would make traveling increasingly interesting, the management of Qatar Airways said.

The rates are effective 36 hours prior to scheduled departure of the passengers, which also applied to their choice of seats.

From Bali economy class rate for Brussels in Belgium is 509 US dollars, and 2,017 US dollars for business class seats.

To Bucharest the rate has been set at 867/2.970 US dollars, to Budapest in Hungary 867/2.988 US dollars, to  Frankfurt 945/2.914 dollars, London London 1.011/3.117 dollars, New York 1.285/3.635 dollars, Paris 902/2.920 dollars, Rome 861/2.831 dollars,  Stuttgart 923/3.042 dollars, and to  Washington 1.319/3.634 dollars.

Especially for Stuttgart in Germany, the rate would be effective only as of March 6, while all the rates will be effective up to March 31.

From Jakarta, the rates to these cities had been set at  854/2.825 dollars (Bucharest), 871/2.841 dollars (Frankfurt), 823/2.973 dollars (Istanbul), 996/3.099 dollars (London), 1,269/3.169 dollars (New York), 869/2.886 dollars (Nice in France, 887/2.905 dollars (Paris), and 848/2.818 dollars (Rome).

Up till now the Middle East airline company has  200 planes with an assets of 30 billion US dollars. Five of the planes are super jumbo A-380 double-deckers which will be commissioned in  2012.(*) 

CEO's Message

Travel by air has reached the point where it is now taken for granted in most corners of the globe. With larger number of passengers and more choice available in the skies, airlines looking to maintain and grow their position in the marketplace must provide a high-quality service with ever-increasing efficiency.
In this highly competitive environment, award-winning Qatar Airways has undergone a phenomenal expansion, with an average of 30% growth year on year since its relaunch in 1997.
Along the way, Qatar Airways has garnered many awards and accolades, becoming one of an elite group of airlines worldwide to have been awarded a 5-star rating by Skytrax, the independent global aviation industry monitor.
Our commitment is to provide travellers with the highest quality of service in the air and on the ground. Qatar Airways will develop these services as we continue along our path of expansion and quest to become known globally as the best airline in the world.
We look forward to offering you our award winning 5-star service.
Thank you for flying Qatar Airways
Akbar Al Baker
Qatar Airways
Akbar Al Baker's Profile
Akbar Al Baker has been instrumental in shaping the development of Qatar Airways into one of the fastest growing and most highly acclaimed airlines in the world.
Born in Doha, he is a graduate in Economics and Commerce and worked at various levels in the Civil Aviation Directorate before becoming Qatar Airways' CEO in 1997.
Mr. Al Baker has since spearheaded the growth of Qatar Airways, which operated only four aircraft in a regional capacity prior to his appointment. Currently Qatar Airways flies over 90 aircraft to more than 90 destinations across an ever-growing international route network.
He is also leading the development of the New Doha International Airport, which opens in phases from 2012.
A highly motivated individual, Mr. Al Baker has been a successful businessman in Doha for more than 25 years, holds a private pilot license, and is also CEO of several divisions of Qatar's national airline - these being Qatar Airways Holidays, Qatar Aviation Services, Qatar Duty Free Company, Doha International Airport, Qatar Distribution Company and Qatar Aircraft Catering Company.

Bali Special Offers

From Bali to over 90 destinations
From Bali Economy Class
fares starting from
Business Class
fares starting from
Brussels US$ 509 US$ 2,017
Bucharest US$ 867 US$2,970
Budapest US$ 867 US$ 2,988
Frankfurt US$ 945 US$ 2,914
London US$ 1,011 US$ 3,117
New York US$ 1,285 US$ 3,635
Paris US$ 902 US$ 2,920
Rome US$ 861 US$ 2,831
Stuttgart* US$ 923 US$ 3,042
Washington US$ 1,319 US$ 3,634

Terms and Conditions

  • Offers valid on
  • Valid on Qatar Airways flights only
  • Return flights including all taxes and fees
  • Seats are limited and are subject to availability
  • Sales validity: On/ before 28th February 2011
  • Travel validity: On/ before 31st May 2011
  • Travel validity: On/ before 31st March 2011 ( complete travel ) for Brussels
  • *Stuttgart commencing 6th March 2011
  • Other conditions apply, please review terms at the time of booking

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    Qatar Tawarkan Tarif Khusus Jakarta Dan Bali

    Monday, February 21 2011
    Denpasar (Antara Bali) - Perusahaan penerbangan Timur Tengah, Qatar Airways, menawarkan program tarif pelayanan khusus ke Jakarta dan Bali, yang disebut sebagai pelayanan kelas bintang lima penuh dengan keramahtamahan, mulai akhir Februari ini.

    Informasi dari manajemen perusahaan penerbangan internasional itu, sebagaimana diterima ANTARA di Denpasar, Senin menyebutkan, penawaran penerbangan ke Jakarta dan Bali itu merupakan bagian dari program yang diterapkan pada 90 kota tujuan di Asia, Timur Tengah, Afrika, Eropa, Amerika Serikat, dan Amerika Selatan.

    Dari Bandar Udara Internasional Soekarno-Hatta, Cengkareng, sebagai misal, calon pelanggan bisa mencapai kota-kota tujuan di Eropa, termasuk Bukharest di Rumania dengan tarif pergi dan pulang sebesar 854 dolar AS. Untuk London di Inggris, biaya sebanyak 996 dolar AS menjadi pilihan menarik, menurut manajemen Qatar Airways.

    Tarif-tarif yang ditetapkan perusahaan penerbangan itu berlaku hingga 36 jam sebelum jadwal keberangkatan calon pelanggan, termasuk penentuan pilihan tempat duduk yang disukai.

    Dari Bali, tarif kelas ekonomi untuk ke Brussels di Belgia adalah 509 dolar atau 2.017 dolar AS di kelas bisnis.

    Ke Bukharest 867/2.970 dolar, Budapest di Hungaria 867/2.988 dolar, Frankfurt 945/2.914 dolar, London 1.011/3.117 dolar, New York 1.285/3.635 dolar, Paris 902/2.920 dolar, Roma 861/2.831 dolar, Stuttgart 923/3.042 dolar, serta ke Washington 1.319/3.634 dolar AS.

    Khusus untuk Stuttgart di Jerman, tarif itu baru diberlakukan pada 6 Maret sementara keseluruhan tarif diberlakukan manajemen maskapai penerbangan tersebut hingga 31 Maret 2011.

    Sedangkan dari Jakarta, tarif ke kota-kota itu ditetapkan sebagai 854/2.825 dolar (Bukharest), 871/2.841 dolar (Frankfurt), 823/2.973 dolar (Istanbul), 996/3.099 dolar (London), 1.269/3.169 dolar (New York), 869/2.886 dolar (Nice di Perancis), 887/2.905 dolar (Paris), 848/2.818 dolar (Roma).

    Hingga saat ini, maskapai penerbangan dari Timur Tengah itu memiliki sekitar 200 pesawat terbang dengan aset senilai 30 miliar dolar AS. Lima pesawat terbang lantai ganda super jumbo A-380 akan mereka terima pada 2012 untuk melengkapi pelayanan penerbangan kelas dunia.(*) 

    Jakarta Special Offers

    From Jakarta to over 90 destinations
    From Jakarta Economy Class
    fares starting from
    Business Class
    fares starting from
    Bucharest* US$ 854 US$ 2,825
    Frankfurt US$ 871 US$ 2,841
    Istanbul US$ 823 US$ 2,973
    London US$ 996 US$ 3,099
    New York US$ 1,269 US$ 3,169
    Nice US$ 869 US$ 2,886
    Paris US$ 887 US$ 2,905
    Rome US$ 848 US$ 2,818

    Terms and Conditions

    • Offers valid only on
    • Return fares include fuel surcharge and taxes
    • Valid on Qatar Airways flights only
    • Seats are limited and subject to availability
    • Book on/before 28th February 2011
    • Travel on/ before 31st May 2011 (Last date of departure)
    • Other conditions apply, please review terms at the time of booking

     Happy New year 2011
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