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March 24, 2011

Bali ,the island of love, to Host Miss World Beauty Pageant in 2014.

Governor Made Mangku Pastika has confirmed that Bali will host the Miss World Beauty Pageant in 2014.

Some of the world’s most gorgeous women are set to grace Bali after the resort island was selected to host the Miss World beauty pageant in 2014. Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika, speaking in Denpasar on Thursday, said organizers had confirmed that Bali would host the event.

Mangku Pastika said that after the filming of “Eat Pray Love” starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem in Bali, the island had a new nickname — “The Island of Love.”

He urged tourists seeking more intimacy in their lives to visit Bali.

“For those who have been married for a number of years and want to reinvigorate their love, or for who have not married and want to be intimate, Bali is the best place.”
Welcoming confirmation of the pageant, Pastika said, "this will ensure Bali to get better known around the world."

The governor used the occasion of the announcement to also invite couples to come to Bali to celebrate their love. The governor also pointed out that the current airport expansion and new roadways are still underway to improve our  infrastructure – needed for major conferences and events such as the Miss World Pageant in 2014 and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit scheduled to be held in Bali in November 2013.

Miss USA 2010 line up in swimsuit

Miss World 2010 , Alexandria Mills

What is the difference between Miss Universe and Miss World?
The similarities between the two pageants are many. Just to name a few: both started out primarily as beauty pageants that have now evolved into huge, profit-making companies. Each organization has its own charitable alliances and goals. The winners become important figures in their countries and earn the respect and admiration of their people. The representatives for either contest have to be elected via a national search (though Miss World has made a few exceptions with the U.S. delegate who is usually hand picked.) Both pageants have been held outside their place of origin (in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe) and attract millions of television viewers. And of course, both organizations elect beautiful women to promote their respective causes.
However, certain differences need to be noted. Miss Universe is American-owned whereas Miss World is British-owned. Miss Universe has never been held in the United Kingdom (where Miss World was born), whereas Miss World has been held in Atlanta, Georgia in 1991. For many years, Miss Universe allowed the three geopolitical divisions of the United Kingdom to participate (England, Wales and Scotland), but no longer. Miss World, on the other hand, only accepted a "Miss United Kingdom", but this policy was changed in the late 1990s as to include England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and other British territories. Miss Universe is now the biggest branch of a megabeauty triumvirate that also includes Miss USA and Miss Teen USA - all three are owned by Donald Trump and NBC. Miss World remains an independent organization that also runs its male counterpart, Mr. World.
How are the candidates judged in the evening gown competition?
Almost every pageant has three categories: interview, swimsuit and evening gown. In the interview portion, the candidate is judged for her eloquence, delivery, substance and personality. In the swimsuit portion, the candidate is judged for her physical fitness and sexiness. In the evening gown portion, the candidate is judged for her elegance, poise and sense of style.
In recent years, the evening gown competition of the Miss Universe and its sister pageants, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, has been placing an emphasis on the candidate's runway or catwalk skills. Since some of the major sponsors include clothing designers, it is not enough that a beauty queen wears the designer's clothes; she must also know how to carry it in the way that the designer intended for the clothing to be worn. After all, a beauty queen is a walking billboard, and if she does not use her magic, she will not be able to sell the product.
The candidates were not judged at all on their choice of gown, but rather on elegance, poise and runway skills. The argument is - since all the candidates had elegance, poise and runway skills, what exactly set them apart if their choice of gown was not even a criteria? Many national and state pageants include gown selection as a significant criteria, and that is why they present a Best in Evening Gown award. The same question can be asked with the interview and swimsuit portions: if all the candidates were equally articulate, coherent and sexy, then how do you pick the best? Well, we've all heard of the infamous X factor - that indescribable quality - you can call it spark - that a candidate possesses. We do know that judging is purely subjective, and much of this subjectivity is influenced by our cultural, educational and social conditioning.

Walking across a stage in a swimsuit in heels is not exactly the easiest thing to do-that's why you have to make it look easy. While judges are looking for overall fitness, poise and grace are of utmost importance. Walk smoothly and carefully, just as you would in evening gown competition, but show a sense of well-being in your face. Your eyes and your smile are very important elements in this competition because they say you have confidence and can face any situation! And, that's what judges want in a title holder. Choose shoes in tan, beige or clear with a heel that will make your legs look longer. When tanning, use caution. Tanning beds can be dangerous, so you may want to opt for a self-tanner to give you that glow you're after. Use common sense when selecting a shade. A redhead with pale skin probably wouldn't look very natural with a dark tan. Right?!

Evening gown

Contestants seem to think that white gowns always win. That is simply not true. You should pick a gown that best complements you skin tone and overall physique. Practice walking in heels before you leave the shop so you'll have an idea of how the dress feels when you're in motion! Ask the store associate about tailoring for length. There is almost nothing worse than a gown that is too short or too long. Styles are changing-the pageant gown is becoming more versatile-less restricted. Contestants are no longer expected to wear only sleek, traditional, fitted gowns. You may opt for a free flowing skirt with a wrap or neckpiece. Try on many different styles, but select the one you feel most comfortable with-after all, the judges are not only looking for elegance, but the confident girl behind the gown as well.
Enhance your best features-don't cover them up! Don't over-do concealers, especially creams, because they can cake and flake after applying your powder. Apply your foundation first, then your concealer on areas that need a little extra help. Accent pale skin and dark hair with deep shades of red and brown tones on lips with browns, grays and charcoals on lids. But always be sure to match your cheeks and lips with your outfit. Blonde hair and darker skin look best with neutral shades of browns, pinks and peach. Light brown hair can wear either depending on skin tone. Skin tone is very important when choosing a foundation. Match the color with your jawbone and blend in upward strokes. Contour just under your cheek bones, along jaw line (lightly!), in temples, and if you wish, on sides of the nose to make it appear smaller. Don't overdo blush as you don't want to look like a clown. For eyes, highlight with a light color just under the brows to bring them out. Remember, dark colors make a feature look smaller while lighter shades open and highlight. An eyelash curler does wonders for opening up small eyes. If you're daring, you might try false eyelashes and match them with your natural lash color. Follow with brown or black mascara and your eyes will be sure to leap out on stage. Remember, above all, to blend, blend, blend.
When being asked questions, honesty, sincerity and simplicity are the key. Don't give answers that simply indicate you agree or disagree with a subject. Rather, expand on your answer and explain why you agree or disagree with the issue. Most importantly, be firm in your answer. Judges look for contestants who are confident and comfortable with their opinions.
A good answer should have 4 parts. 1) Count to three before answering 2) Have a lead in sentence, like, "I honestly believe that..." 3) Answer the question 4) Summarization, "So overall I believe that "X" is the reason that...."
Sample Pageant Questions:
Who is your role model and why?
What qualities do you feel a good role model should possess?
What do you feel is the most challenging issue facing teenagers today?
Why do you want to become Miss "______" ?
Why did you enter this pageant?
What are your future plans?
What is the best advice you have ever been given?
What are your plans for education after you complete high school?
What are three words that describe you best?
What is your favorite color and how do you feel when you wear it?
What are some things you did to prepare for this pageant?
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Do you have a favorite sport?
What can people do to help the homeless?
If you could meet anyone in the world (living or not) who would it be any what would you say to them?
What is your most prized possession?
Who is your favorite actor or actress?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
What can we do to stop gang violence?
How would you try to improve racial relations among people?
If you could live anyone else's life, who would it be and why?
If you were elected President of the United States what would be the first thing you would do?
If you had only one wish, what would it be and why?
if your pageant title was threatened because you had gained weight, how would you feel and what would you do?
If you could give $50,0000 to any charity in the world, which one would it be and why?
If you won a million dollars, how would you spend it?
What does the word "loyal" mean to you?
These are only a sampling of questions you might encounter during an interview. Remember to practice in front of family and friends for your special event!! Remember to always smile!!

The Miss World History 
The year was 1951. The competition was the first Miss World pageant, introduced as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations, and it was the audience it attracted who guaranteed its success.
Thanks to founder Eric Morley’s PR expertise, the first Miss World pageant welcomed a global audience greater than international events like the World Cup and the Olympic Games. The BBC televised Miss World from 1959 to 1979 and Thames Television picked up the contract from 1980 to 1988. At its peak, the show claimed an audience of 27.5 million in Britain alone a figure comparable to that of a royal wedding Fifty years on from the first pageant, Miss World still pulls in the crowds and can boast an annual audience of over a billion.
The press went to town - the world’s most beautiful women, 26 in all, gathered together in one place and happy to smile at the battery of photographers.
The 1950s
The first Miss World, Sweden's Kiki Haakonson, was the first and last winner to be actually crowned in a two-piece swimsuit.
During the first decade of the pageant’s success, the outfits of contestants continued to raise eyebrows and grab headlines. In 1959, Loretta Powell of the United States arrived at the House of Commons in London clad in a Stetson, ruffled shirt and cowboy trousers. She may have got away with wearing what at the time was considered a tad outrageous, but she didn’t get away with her ‘guns’. The two stern-faced coppers in charge demanded she hand over her ‘firearms’ - even copies are not allowed in the British Parliament.
The 1960s
In 1966, India enjoyed its first success and Reita Feria proved to be a popular winner. As articulate and charming as she was beautiful, she went on to qualify as a doctor, highly respected for her brains and expertise rather than her looks. The decade finished with Sweden's Eva Ruber Staier winning the title. Later making her name in movies, Eva had a sweet tooth and when asked how she would spend her prize money, told the waiting press that: 'I'll buy lots of chocolate.'
The 1970s
The first Miss World contest of the decade, hosted by the legendary Bob Hope, was marred by feminist protesters. The quick-witted comedian simply shook his head in wonderment and remarked, "Anyone who would try and break up an affair as wonderful as this has got to be some kind of dope."
In that 1970 Miss World, two black women - Jennifer Hosten of Grenada and Pearl Jansen of Africa South - claimed first and second place, something that had never happened before at a major international pageant.
Despite feminist protests, Miss World was achieving monumental television audiences throughout the 1960s and 1970s. In the UK, Miss World 1970 was the single most-watched show of the entire year.
Wilnelia Merced (Miss Puerto Rico) won the 1975 competition. Wilnelia enjoyed a successful reign. She went on to marry one of Britain's best loved entertainers Sir Bruce Forsyth.
By 1979 the show was topping 500 million viewers world-wide. Gina Swainson won the day, as the little island of Bermuda celebrated her victory by declaring a national holiday.
The 1980s
In 1980, major changes in the Miss World judging process were implemented. For the first time personality and intelligence came into the evaluation and, of equal importance was that vital statistics were no longer deemed vital.
In 1983, the last UK winner of Miss World, Sarah-Jane Hutt, from Poole in Dorset, took the title at The Royal Albert Hall. Three years later, Halle Berry, then Miss USA, stunned the judges and audiences when she wore a bikini featuring stars and ropes of beads during a parade of national costumes. At the time she was quoted as saying that she wanted "to catch the eye from the start." Halle failed to win the contest, but as an Oscar-winning Hollywood star with a string of smash hits under her belt, she almost certainly has recovered from the disappointment. The decade finished with the first-ever Polish winner Aneta Kreglicka.
The 1990s
The one and only time that Miss World was held in the United States was in 1991 and it was there, in Atlanta, Georgia, that Ninibeth Leal won her crown, before becoming one of Venezuela's most successful models.
The years 1992 to 1995 marked a particularly successful period for the Miss World contest as the finals moved to Sun City, South Africa and viewer figures increased from 1.2 billion to 1.8 billion. The contestants were welcomed by none other than President Nelson Mandela and over one million people turned out to see them in Johannesburg.
In 1994 Aishwarya Rai became the second Indian winner after a 28 year gap, her win marking the start of a golden age for Indian contestants who took the crown in four out of the next seven years while Aishwarya went on to become Bollywood's biggest female star.
The show's first visit to the Indian continent came in 1996 when over 40,000 people turned out to watch the show at Bangalore's cricket stadium. Irene Skliva won the title of the first-ever Greek Miss World.
In 1999, the show came to London's Olympia. A few protesters turned up to throw flour bombs, but it merely prompted the late Eric Morley to quip, "It's just like the good old days. Who would have thought it would go on for half a century?" Who indeed?
The start of a new century
Miss World reached its half-century in the year 2000 and the contest returned to London, to the Millennium Dome, for the 50th anniversary show. A massive television audience of 2.3 billion witnessed India retain the Miss World crown and in the UK alone more than 8 million people tuned in during the two-hour broadcast on Channel 5.
Miss World 2001, Agbani Darego was the first black African winner and the following year Miss World was staged in her homeland, in Abuja, Nigeria.
The 2007 contest took place in the Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, in the People's Republic of China. The 106 contestants recorded the official torch relay anthem Light the Passion, Share the Dream for the 2008 Olympics Games as a major cooperation between the Beijing Olympic Committee and Miss World Ltd. The song had its first broadcast to a global audience at the 57th Miss World final on December 1 2007, when model Zhang Zilin became Miss World. Zhang was born in 1984, more than thirty years after the start of the Miss World pageant.
With Julia Morley as Chairman, Miss world continues to break records. With franchises in over 120 countries and fundraising topping £150 million, who knows what the rest of this century will bring for Britain's most successful ever international television show.

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