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March 29, 2011

Bali is My Life’ Premieres to an Enthusiastic Reception.

Last Wednesday evening the movie Bali is My Life premiered at the Bali International Convention Center at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua. The movie was launched by the Bali Hotels Association (BHA) as part of its ongoing “Bali is My Life” destination marketing campaign.
This collaborative movie, co-produced by BHA, brings the voices of Bali natives together with long-time residents and the hospitality industry to present the authentic side of the popular island destination.

“We at Bali Hotels Association are proud that our successful marketing campaign was the inspiration behind this amazing movie,” said Jean-Charles Le Coz, BHA chairman. “We are also honored to be launching it today—having seen the movie, we are absolutely thrilled at the positive messages it imparts.”
Bali is My Life is a documentary film project rooted in respect and care for the island’s cultures and ecosystems. Most importantly, the movie features many of the authentic, optimistic people and projects based on the island, working together to maintain and enhance Bali’s world-famous harmony and beauty in a sustainable way.
Supported by many of Bali’s most respected brands and produced by an award-winning international team, the film is luminous with images of Bali’s rich traditional culture and breathtaking natural beauty. In addition, Bali is My Life was shot in high definition, while the soundtrack consists of original recordings, composed and performed by many of Bali’s finest contemporary musicians.
Award-winning director Kim Kindersley, producer of feature documentary Whale Dreamers, helms the movie. Whale Dreamers was the recipient of eight international awards including Best Film at the Monaco International Film Festival.
“I’ve been coming to Bali for a few years now and every time I leave, it irresistibly draws me back,” says Kindersley, quoted in the movie. “For me, Bali is a place of self-healing and self-discovery; every time I come back here and the longer I spend here, the deeper that journey of self-discovery and healing becomes.”
Meanwhile, producer, second unit director and Indonesian native PaulusHerryArianto heads up Art Vision Bali (AVB), another key player in the movie’s production. AVB’s expertise lies in executing videos and documentaries for the island’s tourism industry—and it has an impressive client list.
In regards the hospitality industry’s attitude to the movie, hotelier John O’Sullivan sums it up when he says that, “Bali allows you to access parts of your being that other places just don’t have the passport stamps for … witnessing offerings for the first time starts a process within. The incense, the offerings, the beautiful body movements, it’s all about celebrating and honouring that love for the spirits.”
The message is clear— that Bali is a living treasure that deserves to be cared for—and it’s a message that BHA hopes will spread far and wide. “We are cooperating with the international airlines that fly to and from Bali to screen the movie,” said BHA’s Jean-Charles Le Coz. “We’re also looking towards travel channels in paid/cable TV to air the movie and so help promote this truly positive picture of Bali.”
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