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March 23, 2011

Bali spirit festival 2011, It’s official. Day 1, year 4, Ubud Bali

West Africa Comes to Bali

Posted by Robin Sparks
It’s official. Day 1, year 4, Bali Spirit Festival.
My  friend Laurel, fresh off the plane from Los Angeles, and I scootered to the festival grounds late this morning…she to work in the Dharma Fair as a Theta Healer, and me to join the media center in blogging about this week’s events. But first we made our way across the festival grounds stopping for hugs and hellos between friends I hadn’t seen in months, some years, as many had timed their return visits to Bali to coincide with the festival. Like a family reunion. There we were again. Nice.
So what to participate in and write about on the first day of the festival I wondered as I stood under the billboard listing the day’s events.  I needed to move. I was too late for Twee Merrigan’s 8 am yoga class, and besides,  I live in Ubud and can do yoga any day of the week. But African dance? Now there’s something that doesn’t visit Bali often. The fact that it began at 1PM in the thick of a tropical afternoon, did give me pause…nevertheless, I made my way over to the Pavilion for what was billed as an “intensive African Dance class”.
Olivier Tarpage, Artistic Director of Dafra Dance Project, introduced himself  and had us line up in rows surrounded by lots of space. He briefed us on the history of West African music (that’s “West”, with musical and dance forms distinctly different from Nigeria, and other regions of Africa). Today, we would focus on a dance form called “Take”. Off to the side, under the sauna-like tent of the Pavilion, several members of the Dafra Kura Band leaned into their drums.
“Up! In! Up! In!” Tarpage sang, whipping his arms up into in the air and back down again suggesting we do same. “Jump! Left, foot forward, keep it straight, right leg back bent. Now switch! Throw your body forward! Undulate.”
Uh, yeah, right. I was sweating buckets by minute 5 into the class, and wondering how I was going to keep this up for an hour.  I glanced warily behind me at the 30 or so participants hoping to see everyone still standing. Yes they were, each in his or her own pool of sweat. With the requisite grins on their faces.
What draws me to the Bali Spirit Festival year after year is the chance to learn from some of the best – be it in dance, yoga, music or meditation.
Olivier Tarpaga, a Dancer-Choreographer, Musician-Composer and Storyteller from Burkina Faso, West Africa, fits the bill.
The co-artistic director of Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project has toured with Burkina Faso musician George Ouédraogo and played percussion for the late Kora master Keba Cissoko, French jazzman Michel Fernandez, American Rock start POE, Canadian acclaimed recording artist Lynn Jodoin, Les Merveilles de Guinea and Sylvain Leroux of Fula Flute.
Do not miss Dafra Kura’s performance on Sunday March 27th at the ARMA Museum. The ensemble will be play a number of traditional West African and modern instruments including the Djembé, the Dundun, Tama/Talking drum, Balafon, Kora, acoustic guitar,  Calabash, Kit drum, Djabara and classical instruments from special guests.
More photos from today, Day 1, Bali Spirit Festival 2011
watsu therapist Michael Hallock
Louka Leppard: Tulayoga class, Day 1, Bali Spirit Festival

Bali Spirit Festival grounds outside the Pavilion

Watsu, Photo by Suki Zoe

BaliSpirit Festival 2011: Be Part of Bali’s Premier Yoga, Dance and Music Experience
BALI, INDONESIA– February 14, 2011; The fourth annual BaliSpirit Festival assembles Bali’s
largest and most diverse collection of yoga masters, musical talent, and dance genre’s from around
the world. This five-day event holds over 100 workshops, master classes and live world music
performances from March 23 through March 27, 2011 at the Purnati Center for the Arts in Batuan, (10
minutes south of Ubud) during the day, and ARMA Museum by night.
Growing in size and notoriety every year since 2008, the much-admired festival showcases
Indonesia’s rich indigenous cultures, and merges them with East and West in the spirit of learning,
collaboration and celebration of creativity and spiritual diversity. Join the “global village,” and take part
in a rare and unique holistic experience that embodies the spirit of Bali while supporting vital local
programs through community education and outreach initiatives.
A Sample of BaliSpirit Festival 2011’s Top Activities:
YOGA: Prana Flow (Twee Merrigan), Ashtanga (Danny Paradise), Meditation / Philosophy (Carlos
Pomeda),JivaMukti (Yogeswari), Hatha Yoga/Tantra (Mark Whitwell), Forrest Yoga/Energetics (Cat Kabira),
and Very Special Guest His Holiness Swami Saraswati (IND)
DANCE: Balinese, West African, Ecstatic, and Afro-Cuban, Hip Hop, and Hoop Dance
LIVE MUSIC: Delhi to Dublin (CAN), Los Pinguos (ARG), Dafra Drum and Dance (W.AFR), DEBU (INDO),
Filter Coffee (IND), Saritah (AUS), Ayu Laksmi (INDO), Cudamani (BALI)
COMMUNITY: The Daily Dharma Fair is a gathering space and eco‐friendly marketplace for all ages, which
offers: massage and healing arts, healthy foods, artisan clothing, spa and yoga products, and live music.
Proceeds from festival ticket sales will support “AYO! Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS” (Let’s Talk about HIV/AIDS),
Bali’s most relevant HIV/AIDS prevention and education outreach initiative.
FAMILY: Hari Cinta Keluarga (Family Day) held on the last day of the festival, this event provides space for
Bali’s environment and community groups to share information about their work, and offers workshops
specifically for kids and family participation.
Schedule of Events: March 23: Opening Night Celebration (ARMA,Water Garden, Ubud, Bali)
March 23‐27: Daytime Workshops (8am-5pm) (Purnati, Batuan)
March 25-27: Night World Music Performances (5pm-Midnight) (ARMA, Ubud)
March 27: Hari Cinta Keluarga/Family-Friendly Workshops and Performances
by donation, (Purnati, Batuan and--starting at 4pm-- ARMA, Ubud)
Festival Passes: *Early Bird Price/Full Price (* Early Bird Pricing Available UNTIL MARCH 1, 2011)
VIP Full Festival Pass $680
Gold Pass $450*/ $580
Weekend Festival Pass $298*/ $350
Festival Night Pass $60*/ $65
The BaliSpirit Festival is a leader among a new generation of festivals for the rapidly growing holistic travel marketplace.
Combining over 100 yoga, dance and music workshops with nightly world music concerts, this annual event provides a
platform of inspiration and the opportunity to affect positive change at the personal and community level.
Be a part of something that will change your world!
BaliSpirit Festival 2011 is proud to be partnered with Citibank, Teh Kotak, Desa Seni, Fiesta Condoms, The Yoga Barn,
3HO Kundalini Yoga, and
For more information please visit .

Bali spirit festival was introduced in 2008. It is the island that’s full of wealth specifically talented people particularly master in yoga, dance and music from different countries. March 23 to 27 2011 is the usual days for the celebration of this festival in the Bali Purnati Center in Batuan, 10 minutes away from south Ubud. This annual event from rich cultures of Indonesia throughout the east and west with the spirit of learning and creative dance they have.
The festival is created not just for Indonesian people but for also people who are visiting here. This is internationally for everyone that composes of world music while contributing to the ecological health, cultural vibrancy and overall vitality of Bali and Indonesia. This is an opportunity to everyone who wants to know more about yoga, fire up with mystical dance movements, and musical concerts. This all events offer only in Ubud place.
The Bali Spirit Festival is a celebration with the richness of culture from the place. It is a 5 nights and 4days of celebration combined with 95 workshops and 20 music and dance concerts. The performance days will be filled with different audiences from different countries. It actually composed of 4,000 plus of people. The festival 2011 is one of the successful events in the whole world.

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