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March 02, 2011

The biggest spa and wellness expo in Asia to be held in Bali from 9 - 11 March 2011

 Bali to host  the biggest spa and wellness expo 
in Asia 
Sanur Paradise Convention Center 
Seminar and workshop alert  


Grand Opening Venue : Pacific Inter Beauty hall

09 March 2011 : The Opening
08.00 – 09.00 : Registration
09.00 – 09.20 : Report by The Organizers
09.20 – 09.30 : Report by BSWA
09.30 – 09.40 : Report by BHA
09.40 – 09.50 : Report by PHRI
09.50 – 10.00 : Opening Speech by Governor of Bali Province : H.E I Made Mangku Pastika
10.00 – 10.10 : Opening Speech by H.E Nia Niscaya Director MICE of Ministry Tourism & Culture ” Topic MICE Review in Indonesia”
10.10 –10.20 : Review about Health and Spa in Indonesia by dr. Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih,MPH, Dr. PH (Minister of Health Republic Indonesia)
10.20 – 10.25 : Opening by dr. Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih Minister of Health Republic Indonesia
10.25 – 11.45 : Coffee break  and entertainment by Taman Mini Anjungan Lampung
11.45 – 12.00 : Inspection
12:00 pm – 13.00 : Presentation by Jamu Traditional Spa
13:00 pm – 13.30 : Presentation fashion by Chaterin Charm Fashion – Bali
13:30 pm – 14.30 : Presentation Aerobik by Arie Fitnes Centre
14:30 pm – 15:30 : Break Time
15:30 pm – 16.00 : Presentation fashion by Yenly – Bali
16:00 pm – 18:00 : Presentation GC Spa Pearl Facial & Golden Body Therapy by Ms Mertixell Salvador & Maria Epple
 10 March 2011 at Pacific Inter Beauty Hall
11:00 pm – 12:00   : Presentation Scientifically-Based Anti Aging & Longevity Program by : Sentosa P Tjandra from Victus Life
12:00 pm – 13.00 : Break Time
13:00 pm – 14.00 : Answer & question with Victus Life
14:00 pm – 16:00 : TimexpertRiders X.Cel, to correct deep wrinkies. Based on skin stem cells by Ms Meritxell Salvador & Maria Epple
16:00 pm – 18.00 : Presentation The High Cost of Not Training by Mrs Penny Ellis
19:00 pm – 19.30 : Presentation Fitness ( Body Language ) by Fitness Center Sanur Paradise
11 March 2011 Venue :P Pacific Inter Beauty Hall :
11:00 pm – 12:00 : Presentation Make Up by MUSE Japan
12:00 pm – 13.00 : Presentation by Jamu Traditional Spa
13:00 pm – 14.00 : Break Time
14:00 pm – 15:00 : Presentation “Where is the spa world headed? – through look at mega and micro trends” by Nicolay Kreidler
15:00 pm – 16:00 : Presentation Organic Cuisine by Planet Hollywood
Gala Dinner Program :
18.00 – 19.00 : Pra registration
19.00 – 19.20 : Review Post show BISWEXPO by Organizer
19.20 – 19.30 : Closing speech by Chairwoman of BSWA
19.30 – 19.40 : Closing speech by Denpasar Major H.E IB. Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra
19.40 – 19.50 : Closing by Ibu Martini M. Paham – Head of Coorperation of Directorate Convention Insentive and Exhibition Ministry Tourism & Culture
19.50 – 20.30 : Dinner – Band
20.30 – 21.30 : Entertainment Fashion show by Murni Batik – Make up by MUSE, Fashion show by Yenly Fashion – Make up by MUSE,Fashion show by Catherin Charm Fashion – Make up by MUSE,
21.30 – 21.40 : Announcement and reward for the most active workshop Participant
21.40 – 21.50 : Announcement of The Best of the Best Stand – Judge by BSWA, BTB, Departement Tourism & Culture, Department of Trade.
21.50 – 22.20 : Thank you Reward to all participant
22.20 – 22.40 : Band – closing

The 2nd Bali International Spa & Wellness 2011 is already open for registration.  Following of the 1st of Bali International Spa & Wellness expo 2011 and As our industry continues to grow, we need to be more creative in how we raise the profile of the spa and wellness industry. Strategic partnerships and alliances are a potential and mutually beneficial cost effective means of enabling this. We will explore a diverse variety of potential partnerships and alliances; and the BISWEXPO 2012  invites you to join us in this exploration. Over three days, we will engage with experts in a number of fields to see how these strategic partnerships and alliances can benefit our industry and our own businesses.

Sign up and get your place now, for detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Bali has gained further global recognition as the island was recently named “The Best Leisure Destination in Asia Pacific” by readers of Business Traveler magazine published in Hong Kong.

In a statement to the Bali Tourism Board (BTB), the magazine’s managing director, Peggy Teo, said the nomination was based on a readers’ survey conducted from April to June last year. The award for the nomination has been presented at an official event in Hong Kong .

Bali has received more than 10 international awards as a favorite tourist destination, the tourism agency said.

US publication Travel and Leisure magazine named Bali “The Best Island in The World” for nine consecutive years from 2001 to 2009. The island was also acknowledged as “The Best Spa Destination 2009” by SENSES magazine published in Germany.

In January, Ubud was awarded “The Best City in Asia” by travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler.

 The Readers' Spa Awards 2010
Last autumn we asked you to tell us where you most like to go to relax, detox and generally improve your wellbeing. You nominated your favourite places, from chic urban day spas to exotic destination retreats; here we rank the highest overall scorers in the World's Top 25. ( See all the winners in the 11 categories here)

1. Thermes Marins Bali, Ayana Resort and Spa, (formerly The Ritz-Carlton), Bali, Indonesia 95.60*

You regard the facilities at the Thermes Marins Bali at the Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali, as second to none; it took the number one spot in our list of the top 25 spas in the world, as well as being rated best hotel spa in Asia & the Indian subcontinent.

The first Bali International Spa and Wellness Expo in 2011 at Sanur Paradise convention center  is expected to further promote the uniqueness of Balinese traditional spa and massage and preserve its traditional healing method, usadha, as well as other conventional jamu concoctions from other parts of Indonesia.

“Spa and wellness has become a popular tourism element. Spa and wellness industry has been thriving  and booming worldwide. We organize this event to show the world that Bali deserves the title as the world’s best spa destination,” organizing committee head Felix Rusli said at a media conference on the 2nd March at Planet hollywood Bali
“Indonesia, having abundant herbal heritages, will make the most of this event to promote its specialization in jamu and herbs.”

Latar belakang pelaksanaan Bali spa and wellness expo  2011
Bali secara mengejutkan pada hari Selasa, 24 Maret 2009,memenangkan salah satu penghargaan tertinggi di dunia pariwisata secara dunia yakni “Bali The Best Spa Destination in The World oleh Majalah SENSE, pada saat acara Pameran wisata dunia ITB Berlin, mengalahkan Fiji, Guam, China, Thailand, dan tidak hanya itu,di tahun dan hari yang sama Bali Juga memenangikan salah satu penghargaan yakni “The Sense Wellness Person” serta memenangkan  The Five-star-Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award” yang diberikan oleh President American Academy of Hospitality, Joe Cinque.

Berangkat dari penghargaan tersebut, akhirnya melahirkan suatu bentuk rasa nasionalisme untuk mempertahankan gelar tersebut, maka lahirlah Bali International Spa  and Wellness Expo 2011 yang pertama pada tanggal 9 – 11 Maret 2011 di Sanur Paradise Convention Center, dimana event ini diharapkan dapat menjadi salah satu tonggak alternative Wisata di Bali khususnya maupun di Indonesia. Sebelumnya tahun 2007 dan 2008 sempat digelar event yang sama, akan tetapi sifatnya lebih ke lokal masyarakat, dengan tujuan mensosialisasikan Spa, massage yang baik dan benar kepada masyarakat.

Tujuan utama pelaksanaan Bali International Spa & Wellness yang pertama ini adalah untuk mendukung para unit usaha kecil menengah baik dibidang produk spa, kecantikan, serta jamu tradisional kepada dunia internasional serta menghubungkan Antara penjual dan pembeli baik dari dalam maupun luar negeri. Selain menghubungkan Antara eksportir maupun importer Bali kepada dunia International, event ini juga diharapkan dapat mempertahankan keunikan dari Spa / pijat ala Bali yang sudah mendunia sebelum di klaim oleh bangsa lain, ke unikan lainnya dari event ini adalah, mempertahankan Usadha Bali yang sudah semakin dilupakan ataupun jamu jamuan tradisional Indonesia lainnya.

Selain pelaksanaan pameran selama 3 hari, dalam acara ini juga akan di helat seminar dan workshop dimana akan di bagi menjadi 3 kelas yakni kelas therapist dan kelas manager / owner serta kelas serta kelas umum, pelaksanaan seminar dan workshop ini diharapkan dapat memberikan suatu pemahaman serta standarisasi pelaksanaan terapi pijat, serta bagaimana pemahaman mengenai pengelolaan spa yang baik serta manajemen keuangan, serta bagaimana mendaftarkan produk anda di balai POM sehingga produk Bali khususnya, dan Indonesia dapat bersaing di era AFTA.

Dengan harapan positif diadakannya event international ini, diharapkan masyarakat Bali benar benar memahami pentingnya persaingan baik produk, tenaga kerja, maupun hal lainnya di era AFTA, event ini terbuka untuk umum selama 3 hari dan didukung penuh oleh Kementerian Pariwisata & Budaya, Kementerian Perdagangan, Balai POM, Pemerintah Provinsi Bali, Pemerintahan Kotamadya Denpasar, Asosiasi Spa Wellness Bali, Bali Tourism Board, serta Perhimpunan Hotel Restaurant Indonesia DPD Bali.

 Happy Sacred Nyepi day 2011
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