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March 12, 2011

Meliã Bali Resort Earns Coveted EarthCheck Platinum Certification from EC3 Global.

Bali Resort Earns Top Green Certification

Bali News: Bali Resort Earns Top Green Certification
(3/12/2011) EC3 Global - the world's largest assessment system for sustainable travel and tourism operators has bestowed the Meliã Bali Resort with a prestigious EarthCheck Platinum certification – one of only five hotels in the world to be so honored.

The EarthCheck program provides benchmarking, certification and performance improvement systems that result in average savings of 30 per cent for energy and waste stream, and 20 percent savings for water consumption.

The EarthCheck Program is widely regarded as the world's most scientifically rigorous program of its kind, focused on maximizing operational efficiencies to minimize CO2e emissions, while supporting host communities. It looks at key environmental indicators such as energy and water consumption, total waste production as well as community commitment in order to determine the level of performance.

Only those organizations that can consistently demonstrate operational practices that adhere to the highest environmental standards over a period of 10 years, can be considered for the coveted Platinum Certification.

"Meliã Bali has always been a leader in promoting sustainable tourism," explained Jim Boyles, General Manager of Meliã Bali. "We are the first hotel in Asia to be given the distinction of EarthCheck Platinum and one of only five hotels in the world."

"We believe the hospitality industry in Bali is highly dependent on the island's unspoiled environment and the culture of its people. Visitors come especially to enjoy Bali's unique cultural heritage. A better living standard and quality of life for the Balinese people will ensure the future of Bali's hospitality industry," Boyles added.

"Meliã Bali is committed to continually improving its award-winning performance in environmental and social sustainability and annual benchmarking to enhance the culture of its people and at the same time to preserve the environment."

Prior to achieving certification, Meliã Bali successfully bench-marked and certified its operations each year, using EarthCheck's tools. This involved the submission of a year's worth of operational data.

"I congratulate Meliã Bali in their achievement of EarthCheck certified Platinum status," said Stewart Moore, CEO of EC3 Global. "Meliã Bali is one of less than a handful of organizations in the world to have achieved this and should be viewed as a leader in the field of sustainable tourism."

Moore continued: "Platinum Certification is not a green tick that can be purchased or applied for. It must be duly earned over a decade of verifiable commitment to the highest possible standards of operational practices. The resort has recognized a maturing of the science behind climate change and environmental sustainability, and has demonstrated their belief that the planet deserves more than half measures."
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La Cabana Earns Gold Earthcheck Certification

 La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club was bestowed the honor of Gold EarthCheck Certification from EC3 Global, the world's largest certifier of sustainable travel and tourism businesses.

This recognition places La Cabana as a leader in the unique worldwide group of sustainable tourism operators that have been certified by the internationally recognized EarthCheck Company Standard with the exclusive Earthcheck science.
In order to achieve the certification, La Cabana had to submit to verification and measurement of operational indicators such as energy emissions, water, waste, paper use, community involvement, cleaning and pesticide use. All sustainability claims had to be proven by a third party auditor.
Through the benchmarking process, La Cabana was able to isolate areas that needed improvement and upgraded to a more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective operation.
Joe Najjar, general manager for La Cabana said, 'This is a well deserved recognition of the contributions of our staff and their persistent efforts. It is a team effort that makes this such a sweet celebration and I would like to thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our 'fragile' environment. I would like to thank our very own Frank Sabajo who guided the staff and owners at La Cabana to achieve our environmental goals.'
Please keep an eye out for additional initiatives that will be rolled out in the coming months to augment our efforts to reduce waste on Aruba and help us all reduce our carbon footprint.

Radisson Resort Gold Coast Gets Earthcheck Silver

Australia's glitter strip is more often associated with high-rise glam, than the natural treasures of the Gold Coast's World Heritage listed National Parks. However, one resort is striving to protect the green behind the gold and their environmental practices have been recognized by a world leading environmental management program.

The Radisson Resort Gold Coast has been awarded EarthCheck Silver Certification, making it one of a growing number of industry players that is taking sustainable tourism seriously. For the past year, the Resort has been adjusting staff behavior and operational practices in line with the international standards required by the EathCheck Program.

EarthCheck is widely regarded as the world's most scientifically rigorous; delivering operational efficiencies that minimize CO2e emissions, while encouraging corporate social responsibility projects that support host communities.

The Program helps operators manage key environmental indicators, such as
energy and water consumption, and total waste production. From this, they can determine if baseline and best practice standards are being met. If not, the Program provides operators with the tools and training necessary to improve areas of weakness to gain cost savings and minimize exposure to risk.    

Only those companies that can demonstrate operational practices that adhere to the highest environmental standards receive the much-coveted Silver Certification.


Prior to achieving Certification, Radisson Resort Gold Coast successfully benchmarked its operations using the EarthCheck tool. This involved the organization submitting a year's worth of operational data, and having it compared to that of other organisations that are similar in kind.

The EarthCheck Program uses more than a decade of factual, operational data, submitted by over 1000 companies in 70+ countries. By taking such an holistic view of company practices, Radisson Resort Gold Coast was able to identify where they were out-performing others, and where room for improvement remained.

"We're immensely proud of how quickly the team took to sustainable business practices," said Gerard Knight, general manager of the Radisson Resort Gold Coast. "In the first year of using EarthCheck, we've managed to exceed Best Practice levels of energy efficiency by a staggering 49.4 per cent!"

"Although we're one of the largest resorts on the Coast and have extensive recreational facilities, our energy consumption was just 124 MJ per guest night, whereas Best Practice for our sector is 245 MJ."

Their water conservation also smashed past records, exceeding industry Best Practice for their sector by 66.8 per cent. This was partly due to a maintenance program that includes checking weekly for leaks, having dual flush toilets and low-flow shower fittings throughout the property.

The Radisson also exceeded Best Practice when it comes to waste management, as recycling efforts resulted in a decrease of waste being sent to landfill, with glass, paper/card, plastics, green waste and rubber all destined for recycle or reuse.

"I am delighted that Radisson Resort Gold Coast has achieved Certified Silver status," says Stewart Moore, CEO of EC3 Global. "Radisson Resort Gold Coast has recognized a maturing of the science behind climate change and environmental sustainability, and has chosen to apply the highest possible international standard to their practices.

"Going well beyond mere tick-box action is not an easy task. It requires the commitment of all levels of staff, as well as a readiness to submit to expert scrutiny. Radisson Resort Gold Coast has emerged as an example of an organisation committed to environmentally sustainable tourism, and the EarthCheck logo will serve to demonstrate that their claims are both credible and relevant."

Editor's Notes
EarthCheck is the world's largest environmental management Program used by sustainable travel and tourism operators. With more than 1000 clients in over 70 countries, EarthCheck responds directly to the major environmental problems facing the planet; including climate change, waste reduction and non-renewable resource management. It provides benchmarking, certification and performance improvement systems that result in average savings of 30 per cent for energy and waste stream, and 20 per cent savings for water consumption. Go to or

For further information please contact:

Radisson Resort Gold Coast
Jenny Mulholland
Human Resources Manager
P: +61 7 5555 7732

Chantal Dunbar
EC3 Global Communications Manager
P: +61 401 058 159
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