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May 06, 2011

Fremantle to Bali Yacht Race winding up This Weekend

 Bali Bust or boom 

Bernie Kaaks, Bali, 6 May
There were vastly differing reports from yachts sailing in the Visit Indonesia 2011 international yacht race today.
Near the finish line early this morning with very little breeze, Libertine took the unusual step of anchoring to prevent the tide from carrying her back along the course.  When eventually the breeze returned, she was able to painstakingly make her way to the finish line, still fighting the adverse current right to the end.
One hundred miles south, Marco Polo ran into violent thunder squalls early this morning and recorded a top gust of 43 knots, which shredded her headsail.  This now leaves her with one headsailsail remaining.  The same thunder storm would also have affected Glasshopper, Comet and Farruca, though none of these yachts reported any damage in their position report this morning.
The circumstances that caused Bird of the Morning to sail an erratic course yesterday appear to have been overcome, as the yacht is sailing towards Bali at a good, steady pace of 6 knots today.  Officials are continuing to keep a close eye on the yacht’s progress as it has lost all communications except for their tracker, which reports their position via satellite every 30 minutes.
Even the Balinese finish boat which is carrying principal race officer Trevor Milton and his crew to the finish line to greet each new arrival, was in on the action last night.  At about twilight, Ron MacArthur spotted what appeared to be a rope on the cockpit floor, starting to move.  Closer inspection showed that the “rope” was actually a sea snake, which had apparently made its way over the transom of the boat to join the occupants!  A quick thinking crewman seized the intruder by the tip of its tail and nonchalantly hurled it back into its own environment.
Phoenix is on track to finish late this afternoon, leaving Bird of the Morning as the only other member of the Race Fleet on the water.
Knot Dreaming is also due this afternoon and should be followed by Farr Lap and Marco Polo.  Farruca, Glasshopper and Comet are due tomorrow morning.

Sandale returns to Bali Marina this morning after her official “finish”
Tradewinds V kep the evidence of their fishing success.
hugh burton.jpg
Hugh Burton left A Bientot in Geraldton with severe seasickness, and rejoined the yacht in Carnarvon to complete the trip to Bali.

Welcome to the official website of the 'Visit Indonesia Fremantle-Bali 2011' sailing event.

Organised by Fremantle Sailing Club, Western Australia in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Indonesia, the 1,440nm event comprises a non-competitive Ocean Rally for cruising yachts which commenced on Saturday April 23rd and an ISAF Category 1 International Yacht Race which started on Tuesday April 26th. Both starts were at 12.00pm sharp, and took place just off the North Mole of Fremantle Harbour. The finish line will be indicated by a marker buoy and a Committee Boat moored at the entrance to Benoa Harbour, Bali.
This website contains a comprehensive range of information regarding the Race and Rally. Feel free to browse and contact us with any queries at

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Support our charity!

Yayasan Senyum – the Smile Foundation of Bali
Yayasan Senyum seeks to reduce the suffering currently associated with craniofacial abnormalities, and to improve the quality of life by facilitating the delivery of health care to people with craniofacial disabilities, in Bali and other Indonesian islands, in partnership with local and international healthcare professionals.
Yayasan Senyum hopes that a major element of its work in the future will be local skills building through the Australian Cranio-Facial Unit in Adelaide which offers excellent skills training.
All funds paid to FSC from by parties which registered an initial Expression of Interest in VIFB2011 – but did not proceed with entry – are being paid to Yayasan Senyum.

The Visit Indonesia Fremantle to Bali yacht race winding up this weekend at Benoa Harbor, Bali, highlights the important role of sport in connecting the people of Australia and Indonesia, a statement released by the Australian Embassy in Bali on Friday says.

This year’s event, the first in 14 years, marks the 30th anniversary since the inaugural event in 1981, demonstrating the long-standing links between the west coast of Australia and Indonesia’s eastern provinces, the release says.

“Seeing the return of the Visit Indonesia Fremantle to Bali yacht race is a very exciting development, and I commend the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism for supporting the event,” Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Greg Moriarty said.

“As neighbors and friends, Indonesia and Australia cooperate closely on a wide range of issues. This cooperation often involves very serious international affairs and we sometimes have to choose our language carefully.

“But in the sporting field, we are lucky to share what is probably a universal language. Sport has a unique ability to break through language and culture barriers. That’s why we see it as an excellent way to build bridges and develop stronger people-to-people links with our Indonesian neighbors,” he said.

In the lead up to this year’s race, the Western Australian government awarded former Indonesian national team sailor and television news presenter from Surabaya, Dyan Puspito Rini, a scholarship to travel to Perth to take part in an intensive training session at the International Sailing Federation’s Emerging Nations Program.

In turn, around 150 sailors made their way to Bali with another 100-plus people traveling to Bali to meet the yachts on arrival, stimulating tourism and memorable personal experiences for all the people involved.

The event includes a “Rally fleet,” which will sail in a non-competitive ‘cruising in company’ format, making one or two stops on the Western Australian coastline before the open ocean crossing to Indonesian waters. Many yachts will stay on to cruise around the Indonesian archipelago after the awards presentation in at the Sanur Beach Hotel on May 10.

To launch the event in Perth in mid-April, the Fremantle Sailing Club invited the public to send off the crews and enjoy the Meet Indonesia Bazaar, which comprised Balinese-themed family entertainment and music and delicious Balinese cuisine.
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