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May 10, 2011

Presentation dinner for Visit Indonesia Fremantle to Bali Yacht race at Sanur Beach Hotel Bali

Sue Anderson from Race Yacht Sue Sea was the lucky winner of one of two prizes of an all-expenses-paid 3-day trip to Bali.
Ellay & Syerief Syamsuri, Consul General of the WA Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia

Kerry Tasker, representing husband and event patron Rolly Tasker, with Race Committee member Nick Clews (left) and Race Director Richard Webster.
Dr Sapta Nirwandar of the INdonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism presents a gift to Fremantle Sailing Club Vice Commodore Kaye Riseley
The crew of Miss Saigon are very excited about their 1440nm journey to Bali!

Alan Brierty, owner / skipper of IRC, PHB and Line Honours Winner Limit, receives some of his silverware from the Honourable Dr Kim Hames, Deputy Premier of Western Australia

Fremantle to Bali Yacht Race and Rally Winds Up with presentation dinner Party At Aerowisata Sanur Beach Hotel.

The successful completion of the Fremantle to Bali 2011 Yacht Race and Rally was celebrated on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at the Aerowisata Sanur Beach Hotel with a gala closing party.

Crews spent the night exchanging stories collected during the 1,440 nautical mile sail to Bali while trophies were awarded in a night marked by fireworks, good food and Balinese cultural entertainment.
Alan Brierty's 19.4 meter Reichel-Pugh-designed yacht Limit took line honors, smashing the record held for 30 years by West Australian sailing legend Rolly Tasker on his yacht Siska. Limit was also the first place winner in the IRC handicap and first on the PHB handicap.

Second in the IRC standings was Audeamus. skippered by Kim Ramen, closely followed by Dr Jon Wardill's Australian Maid. Remaining places went to Phoenix (4th), Sue Sea (5th), Libertine (6th), Walk on the Wildside (6th) and Bird of the Morning (7th).

Rally yachts were awarded on a points-based-system with points awarded for a number of different achievements ranging from the number of fish caught,  to arrival speed, points visited along the Western Australian coast and, most importantly, the quality of the on- board cooking! First place was awarded to Andrew Dawson's Knot Dreaming, second went to Rob Taylor's Glasshopper, and third to Sandale, owned and skippered by Geoff Chambers.

The Navigator's Prize went to Martin Chambers from Sandale.

Fremantle Sailing Club Vice-Commodore Kaye Riseley said the club was thrilled with the race outcome, support and camaraderie of the owners, skippers and crew, and the enthusiasm of the principal sponsor, the Indonesian Government's Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Riseley added: "This marathon event has tested the experience and endurance of our sailors and they have absolutely shone. There has been all the expected drama and excitement of an open ocean race, and it has been so wonderful to see it culminate with great festivities. The celebrations have proven the decision by the Fremantle Sailing Club to bring back the race was right. Its success has reached out even further by bringing together Australia and Indonesia under the common interest of sport, which transcends ethnic, cultural, religious and language divisions and forms a basis of friendship and understanding."

Looking ahead, Riseley said, "We look forward to growing these close relationships formed as we move forward to planning the next event."

Sapta Nirwandar, director general of tourism marketing for the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said he was pleased to see the race return and he hoped it would assist in stimulating both economic and tourism growth to the region. "Indonesia's rich maritime history has been celebrated with this race which we hope will become a flagship on the annual sporting calendar for both Australia and Indonesia. The Visit Indonesia Fremantle to Bali Race will also help to showcase Indonesia as a desirable destination for recreational sailing visitation," he said.

Alan Brierty, in his acceptance speech as the overall winner paid tribute to his crew member Mike Hughes, who handled the care of an injured crewman before being delivered to Geraldton. Briety also laid praise on fellow competitors and the race control team. Two members of the race control team could not attend the awards dinner as they were on radio monitoring duties as yacht Bird of the Morning was still at sea being monitored 24/7 until they arrived in Bali the following day.

The Presentation Night easily surpassed anybody's expectations.  It was a spectacular evening of food, music and dance, punctuated by speeches from the various dignitaries, the prize giving ceremony, the winners' speeches and fireworks, and all put together by the incredible organizational team of our gracious hosts.

Race Results

[Fremantle to Bali Yacht Race Site]
The event is however, scheduled to come to Bali again in 2013, bigger and better than ever.  Although running the event annually has been discussed and carefully considered, it was considered more prudent to allow two years between successive events


Bernie Kakas, Bali May 9
In an amazing feat of seamanship, Alan Brierty’s RP62 Limit made a mid-ocean rendezvous with an S&S 34, at night, some 170 nautical miles south of Bali.
Bird of the Morning, and S&S34 sailed by Colin Walters, apparently had battery problems which finally resulted in his being unable to start the engine.  The inevitable outcome was a total loss of communications.
The yacht carried a Yellowbrick tracker, which indicated that it was still moving northwards at normal speed, but after the passing of several days without any word, race officer Trevor Milton arranged with Jason Beaver form Team Limit, to intercept the yacht on his way back to Fremantle.  Limit had earlier wrapped up Line Honours, IRC handicap and PHB handicap to add to the feat of breaking Rolly Tasker’s 30-year-old race record.
Milton placed his emergency response team on alert as a precaution and authorities were also notified, so that in the event of a genuine emergency a rescue effort could be mounted immediately.
Limit left Bali with food, water and a replacement 12 volt battery to deliver to Bird of the Morning.  The crew plotted an intercept course which was updated in accordance with the latest tracker positions provided by Milton.  At 2100 Limit reported seeing a light, and at 2120 the two yachts met for the transfer.
Jason Beaver confirmed the well-being of the Bird of the Morning crew and provided information on the status of the yacht.  As the yachts separated he reported that their motor was running and that they had been able to communicate on both HF and VHF radio frequencies.
It was a copybook exercise by Team Limit.  Regular emails between their yacht and Bali Race Control ensured that the information flow was as up to date as it could be and the rendezvous occurred within a few minutes of their predictions.
It is also a glowing recommendation for the flexibility and accuracy of the Yellowbrick trackers, for without them, there is no doubt that emergency procedures would have been activated.
Bird of the Morning is still sailing northward and is now due to arrive on Tuesday night or Wednesday.

Bird of the Morning, which was still at sea during last night's function, is currently about 3 miles away.  His engine is broken down so another yacht (Miss Saigon) has motored out to meet Bird of the Morning and will tow it into the Bali Marina.  He should arrive at the Marina at about 4:00pm todaybird of the morning.jpg


Story by Emergency Response Team Leader Ralph Von Loeben
A remarkable story of seamanship has unfolded during the night that should warm the hearts of all FSC members.
As most people who have been following the race would be aware there have been some concerns over the well being of the 10m S&S 34 Bird of the Morning who has not been in normal communications with the race control team for several days and its progress as the last race boat to finish has been monitored closely by all via the Yellowbrick Tracker system.
Alan Briertys’ 19.4m, Reichel-Pugh designed yacht Limit (line honours winner) left Bali late Saturday and had agreed to try and locate Bird of the Morning on its return journey. The race control team led by Trevor Milton organised for extra food and water supplies as well a spare battery to be carried aboard Limit. Not an easy thing to arrange in a foreign country on a public holiday!
Whilst Alan was not aboard his yacht as he is in Bali for tonight’s presentations he gave clear instructions to Ryan Binedell and Jason Beaver who were standing in for skipper Alan Brierty to do his best to locate Bird in the Morning no matter what it takes.
Limit approached the last known tracker position around 8:30pm last night and remarkably after some searching was able to locate the yacht around 10:00pm. As expected the yacht had very little power and was unable to start his motor. The skipper and crew were in good spirits and Limit tied up alongside to transfer its essential supplies.
The look of surprise from the crew aboard Bird of the Morning when another yacht pulled up alongside was something the crew of Limit won’t forget in a hurry.
The mid ocean rendezvous occurred about 150 nm south of Bali.
In the dark with only 15 minute updates from the Bird of the Morning tracker the skipper of Limit persisted until visual contact was made. A remarkable feat of seamanship that could only have been accomplished with a dedicated and committed crew.
Well done to all involved.
Bali Race Emergency Response Team Leader Ralph Von Loeben says “The outcome was achieved because of the skills and determination of the many volunteers involved from the Race Control Team, Emergency Management Team, Radio Operators and crew members of race yacht Limit. It was a well coordinated team effort all round.”
All volunteers who have manned the radio room participated in race control or emergency management for this race sometimes well into the early hours of the morning can take pride in this amazing feat.
Limit is due back in Fremantle Port (draft to deep for our harbour) this weekend and no doubt the crew will receive many well deserved accolades not only from the members of this Club but from the broader boating community.
Bird of the Morning will continue under sail to the finish line and we continue to monitor its progress.
Once again a big thank you to all involved especially from the families of those crew members of Bird of the Morning.
This story will not only become folklore in our Bali race archive but will no doubt become part of our Fremantle Sailing Club history.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Republic of Indonesia

Government of the Republic of IndonesiaThe principal and naming-rights sponsor for Fremantle Sailing Club’s Fremantle-Bali race and rally is the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Indonesia.
Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands. The country stretches 5,100 km along the equator between Australia and Asia and is bordered by the Pacific and Indian Oceans at the Equator. Few countries in the world could match Indonesia’s diversity of population with some 490 different ethnics living together. With a fascinating, colourful and sometimes tumultuous past, Indonesia is a place of rich and diverse culture. Indonesia is the "Ultimate in Diversity".
For access to the Visit Indonesia website developed exclusively for the Australian market, go to
To view the official website for Indonesian tourism, please go to
Visit Indonesia
For all the latest news and articles about tourism in Indonesia, please go to

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia has been nominated as the official airline of VIFB2011, and we encourage all participants and their supporters to use the wonderful services and facilities of Garuda for their flight requirements.
Garuda Indonesia
The Aerowisata Hotel Sanur Beach Bali (a member of the Garuda Indonesia Group) is the official hotel and venue for the Presentation Night Dinner.  We encourage all our crews and support teams to stay at this wonderful resort.  See General Info for further detail of the hotel.

Musto Australasia

Musto Australasia has been selected as exclusive clothing supplier to Fremantle Sailing Club’s Visit Indonesia Fremantle-Bali 2011 Event, and is recognised as a Sponsor of VIFB2011 for its generous contribution to the event.
Download the VIFB2011/ Musto gear order form here.

Atkinson Legal

Atkinson Legal of Perth has provided full legal services to the organizers of VIFB2011 and is recognized as a Sponsor of the event.

The Australian Sailing Museum

The Australian Sailing Museum is a proud sponsor of VIFB2011 through its kind donation of a limited edition print of a John McRae watercolour painting of the yacht ‘Ranger’, the 1937 America’s Cup defender.
Australian Sailing Museum
Please visit Our Patron for a wonderful insight into the life and times of our Patron Rolly Tasker, and an introduction to the Australian Sailing Museum.

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