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May 28, 2011

Find out why you must avoid breast enlargement surgery

The Dangers of Breast enlargement/Augmentation Surgery

Diane Wedner, Lifescripts Medical Detective, has just completed an investigation of the dangers of breast augmentation. Here she talks about what she found out.

Breast Augmentations are incredibly common these days. The general theme in the world today is - 'Don't like your body? Change it.' Although it seems like a good solution, there are still significant risks that are posed by these surgeries, specifically by breast augmentations.

Plastic surgery is a booming business. Surgeons line up by the thousands every single day, creating almost anything you want. The reality is that one of the most popular surgeries out there - is breast augmentation. So how popular is breast enhancement?

There are over 1,000,000 breast surgeries performed every single year.
Women 19-34 make up approximately 50% of all the total surgeries.
Women 52 and up only make up 7% of all breast enhancement surgeries.
The average breast enhancement surgery is ~$3,500.

With these types of statistics, it's undeniable that breast enhancement is a booming business. So if it's so popular, how can there still be dangers? Simple. People want to believe that breast enhancement is a 100% safe procedure. Not only this, but the advertisers and surgeons out there want you to believe it's safe as well! When everybody wants to believe something is safe, it's easy to overlook the dark side.

Dangers of Breast Enhancements

With every artificial enhancement to our body, the risks drastically increase. So what are the risks when it comes to breast enhancements? We'll take a look at some of the most common risks.

Unnatural Look - One of the most common side effects is the unnatural look that breast enhancements can create. Although many women might want larger breasts, very rarely will they want larger breasts at the expense of unnatural looking breasts.
Rippling Effect - As the skin is stretched from breast implants, it is very easy for a rippling effect to occur. This effect is noticeable on the sides of the breasts where the skin collapses upon itself from being stretched too thin.
Scar Tissue - There is almost always some form of visible scar tissue from breast enhancement. Of course, this creates a permanent mark that can damage the appearance of your body.

Of course these things aren't going to be the first things you will hear in the doctor's office. Plastic surgeons are some of the highest paid doctors in the country due to the nature of cosmetic surgeries. The general nature and corruption with cosmetic companies and doctors results in false advertisements on a regular basis.

Most people's explanation for breast enhancement surgeries is that not only would they like to have larger breasts, but they also know someone that has had the surgery. This is understandable; however, there are over 35,000 breast enhancement removals per year, meaning that almost 4% of breast enhancement surgeries go so bad that they can't even keep the implants!

What are some other un-desired effects of breast enhancements?

10 Year Replacement - The surgeries all come with a time-line - meaning that they must be replaced every 10 years. With each replacement comes an increase in risk for a problem occurring. Not only this, but most people don't want to be 40, 50, and 60 years old replacing breast implants - so generally at some point in time, they will decide to not replace it. This means that the body will be distorted from the years of having the implants.
Constant Massaging - Implants must be massaged everyday and on a very consistent basis to avoid the hardening of breasts. Meaning, that if you develop arthritis - let's hope you have somebody that you love!
Back Problems - This is one of the largest problems when it comes to breast enhancements. Back problems occur on a regular basis due to the irregular weight distribution on the body. The problem is that backs are meant to hold what is naturally there, rather than an artificial weight on the front your body.
Infections - An often time overlooked problem with breast enhancement surgeries are the infections that will often time set in. Not only do infections cause an intense amount of pain, but they can cause you to have to turn around and remove the breast implants as well.

Is Breast Enhancement Surgery for You?

Although there are numerous side effects and many risks to the procedure of breast enhancement, there are still numerous women every year that perform this surgery, whom are extremely happy with the results. The most important aspect is to realize that breast augmentation is a much higher risk surgery than what doctors and advertisers will let on.

If you are considering breast augmentation and have decided that there is no way that you will ever be happy with the size of your breasts - it's important to consider the more natural & less evasive.

Here you can find out more about safe breast enlargement program

it is important to examine some of the potential complications that can result from this surgery. An examination of the possible dangers of breast implants includes:

    The most common concern for patients that have undergone breast augmentation is that their breast implants would deflate either through a leak within the implant or through a rupture of the implant shell. There are many potential causes for deflation/rupture and the solution to this problem involves additional surgery to remove and possibly replace the breast implant.
    Capsular Contracture:
    In this situation, capsule (scar tissue) that typically forms around the breast implant tightens and then squeeze the breast implant. Typically following infection, symptoms of capsular contracture range from mild firmness and discomfort to severe pain and movement of the breast implant. To rectify this, additional surgery will be needed to remove the breast implant capsule tissue and possibly the breast implant itself.
    The collection of blood inside a blood tissue is known as hermatoma and seroma refers to a collection of the watery portion of the blood. Postoperative hermatoma and seroma may lead to infection and possibly capsular contracture. If large hermatomas and seromas occur, the patient will need to have surgical drains for proper healing.
    Change in Nipple and Breast Sensation:
    Considering the great changes that you are making to your breasts, you should expect either an increase or decrease in feeling of the nipple and breast. Change can range from intense sensitivity to no feeling and can be temporary or permanent.
    It is natural to feel pain of varying intensity and duration following breast augmentation. However, severe pain can be a result of complications of your surgery such as improper size or placement. If you are feeling severe pain, you should contact your plastic surgeon.
    Like any other surgery, infection can result during breast augmentation. However, treating infections are harder in patients with breast implants than in patients with normal body tissues.
    Breast Tissue Atrophy/Chest Wall Deformity:
    This can result when the pressure of the breast implant has caused the patient's breast tissue to thin and shrink. This phenomenon can occur while the breast implants are in place or following breast implant removal.
    Additional Surgeries:
    The likelihood that a breast augmentation patient will have to undergo additional surgeries in their lifetime has increased dramatically. Surgeries will be necessary at some point to replace or remove the breast implant.
    Dissatisfaction with Cosmetic Results:
    This is a problem faced by any time of cosmetic surgery. Wrinkling, asymmetry, implant displacement, incorrect size, unanticipated shape, implant palpability, scar deformity, hypertrophic scarring, and sloshing are some of the phenomena that can occur, which often leave patients unsatisfied with their final results.

cheers, have a nice day ,
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