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May 21, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg got married to Priscilla Chan

 Heartiest Congratulations to Mark and Priscilla Chan 

* Private partnership follows public offering
* Bride is longtime girlfriend, Harvard classmate

Mark Zuckerberg's wife: Priscilla Chan 's Profile

It’s often said that behind every great man stands a great woman. John Kennedy had Jackie, Bill Gates has Melinda , Bill Clinton has Hillary Clinton, Obama has Michelle and now, following a surprise wedding on Saturday, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has Priscilla Chan. But what do we know about the woman behind one of the world’s wealthiest men?
Ms Chan, 27, was born in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, just a few miles away from her future alma mater, Harvard University. Ms Chan, or Cilla as she refers to herself on Facebook, met Zuckerberg at Harvard in 2003, whilst waiting in a queue to use the bathroom. Years later she would recall her first impression of the man she would eventually marry as “he was this nerdy guy who was just a little bit out there.”
After graduating from Harvard in 2007, Chan moved from the east coast to the west where she worked as a science teacher at The Harker School in San Jose, California. In 2008 she went on to study medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. During her time here she moved in to a rented house with Zuckerberg in the small town of Palo Alto, just minutes away from Facebook’s headquarters. Since moving in together the couple have adopted a Hungarian Sheepdog called Beast.
In her Facebook account pages,  Priscilla had a good cook, and even the culinary. Buff soft colors like warm temperate regions, like basking in the sun, and infatuated candied tomatoes. “I loved to watch the cooking channel on TV,” she wrote.

Priscilla is also known to be familiar with the children, so it is not surprising that he was known as a favorite teacher in grade four and five for science subjects in primary schools The Harker School in 2007-2008.

Being a Chinese descendant made Priscilla able to speak Cantonese fluently. But Ms. Zuckerberg has  apparently mastered a number of international languages ​​(polyglot),such as  English, Spanish, and of course, the Chinese dialect, Cantonese. This Medical graduate of the University of California San Francisco is also good at speaking Spanish. “And I will go to Peru this summer,” she said on the Facebook page.

As a doctor, this 27 year old woman among her colleagues is known as someone who cares about others. When talking about the surgery, donors, and patients in need of vital organs, Priscilla is  always excited. Although the talks took place at the dinner table.

“Why there are not many people who donate their organs? If they know when the organ supply is critical and much in need,” said Priscilla quoted by the Huffington Post.

Thanks to Priscilla’s chatter, Zuckerberg was inspired to make a special page prospective organ donors. On this page, prospective donors can inform their families and relatives of his plan to donate organs. They could also fill the donation form. “With these pages, we hope, can help spread awareness of people to participate in organ donor,” said Zuckerberg.
Ms Chan is an open supporter of President Barack Obama and gay marriage and intends to specialize as a paediatrician after graduating from the University of California last week.
She says she enjoys “simple things” in life and in her spare time Ms Chan listens to contemporary rock bands such as Green Day, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and John Mayer. She also lists Glee, House, Modern Family and Project Runway as some of her favourite TV shows. When Chan is able to prize Zuckerberg away from his $104 billion company the two spend time walking in parks, rowing, and playing bocce (a form of boules).
It’s believed the couple didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement before Saturday’s marriage.

By Mary Slosson
May 19 (Reuters) - Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wed longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan on Saturday, announcing the nuptials through a status update on the social networking site.
The 28-year-old billionaire's wedding took place a day after Facebook's initial public offering on the Nasdaq stock exchange on Friday. More than 280,000 people "liked" Zuckerberg's status change, which was accompanied by a photo of the smiling couple in wedding attire in a small, verdant outdoor setting with a string of lights behind them.
In the photo, the famously casual Zuckerberg is wearing a dark blue suit and tie, a departure from his trademark "hoodie," while Chan has on a sleeveless white dress with lace overlay.
The pair wed in an intimate backyard ceremony in Palo Alto, California, according to People magazine. The couple had planned the exchange of vows for four months, but surprised their guests, who thought they were to celebrate Chan's recent graduation from medical school, the magazine reported.
Zuckerberg's sister, Arielle Zuckerberg, posted, "Balls. Now I'm the only unmarried Zuckerberg..." on her Facebook page. She is listed by Chan as a family member on the site.
Zuckerberg designed a simple ruby wedding ring for Chan himself, People reported. Guests dined on food from the couple's favorite restaurants, and nibbled on mouse-shaped chocolates that the pair ate on their first date nine years ago.
Tim Carvell, lead writer for "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, reacted to the news on Twitter, writing: "Congratulations, Mark Zuckerberg! As a gift, I got you the names of all my friends, a list of my favorite movies, and some photos of me!"

Zuckerberg, whose shares are worth nearly $20 billion and who retains voting control of Facebook, marked the debut of his company's stock at Facebook's Silicon Valley campus on Friday, symbolically ringing the opening bell for stock trading.
The IPO did not go as well as the social networking company had hoped, with shares closing just above the offering price of $38 a share after trading glitches and a last-minute, 25 percent increase in the number of shares being sold.

More than 576 million shares changed hands, setting a trading volume record for U.S. market debuts. Facebook posted $3.7 billion in revenue in 2011 and $1 billion in profit. The site boasts 900 million global users.
Facebook's emergence as a cultural phenomenon was depicted in the fictionalized 2010 film "The Social Network."
Zuckerberg, Time magazine's Person of the Year in 2010, started Facebook in his Harvard University dorm room eight years ago, before dropping out of the Ivy League school. Chan just graduated from medical school at the University of California, San Francisco. The couple met while at Harvard.
Neither Zuckerberg nor Chan commented further about their marriage on their Facebook pages, and Facebook representatives did not immediately respond to e-mailed requests for comment on the wedding.
The couple adopted a Hungarian sheepdog named Beast a year ago, and live together in Palo Alto. (Reporting by Mary Slosson; Editing by Cynthia Johnston and Doina Chiacu)