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June 07, 2012

BSWA annual workshop,The world Spa destination

Local association holds workshop with strong CSR focus
Denpasar, Bali, June 7—The Bali Spa & Wellness Association (BSWA) held its annual workshops on April 30 at the InterContinental Bali Resort. BSWA is one of many organizations actively supported by Bali Hotels Association (BHA), the island’s 100-member-strong group of star-rated hotels and resorts.

Said BHA chairman Jean-Charles Le Coz: “Bali is famous for many things, but the quality level and service of ours spas is one that we’re most proud of. We can certainly say that the work of BSWA is to really driving this reputation for excellence.”

 The workshops, which followed the association’s annual general meeting, included sessions with speakers sharing their knowledge about holistic traditional Usadha Bali, interactive sessions for therapists, and a mini bazaar and presentations from BSWA members and suppliers. More than 150 spa industry participants attended the events.

In addition, and in line with BHA’s own corporate social responsibility program, the BSWA’s “Give back to the Community” initiative saw a workshop for beach masseuses. Training topics were hygiene and sanitation by Ecolab, customer service and English language and the provision of a manual in basic massage techniques.

“ In line with BSWA’s vision, through this workshop we want to share our knowledge and expertise about advanced spa treatments and sanitation principles to all levels of spa industry players” said Lulu Widjaja, BSWA president.

“With BSWA leading the charge, we can remain confident in calling Bali the spa capital of the world—and long may it remain so,” said BHA’s Le Coz.

 Editors’ note: About BHA

Bali Hotels Association (BHA) is a group of star-rated hotels and resorts. Members include the management of more than a hundred of the island’s best hotels and resorts, representing more than 15,000 hotel rooms and 30,000 employees. The association runs sustainable tourism, education and environmental projects, and helps set tourism security and safety standards, following a multi-stakeholder approach that supports public-private partnerships in corporate social responsibility. The association also provides a professional information and discussion forum, enabling it to speak with a common voice on issues relevant to the tourism and hospitality industry in Bali.
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Jean-Charles Le Coz

Indonesia through Bali has been selected as “The Best Destination Spa in the World.” by InternationalBourse Berlin, Jerman and gets International Wellness Awards.“Why Indonesia? Because Indonesia is able to maintain the ancestral cultural heritage combined with the results of the latest research,” said the chairman of Selected Hotel Promotion Inc (renowned international organization of tourism), Frank Pfaller, in a press release on Wednesday (18 / 2).2009The Awards were submitted in order to organize the annual exhibition prestigious tourism, the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Berlin, Germany, early March 2009. 

 Spas are entities devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit. (Definition of spa from International SPA Association)

The unique culture and traditions of Bali provide the ideal foundation for a flourishing and meaningful spa environment. Tri Hita Karana (Three Sources of Prosperity) is the backbone of Balinese Hindu philosophy and the guiding principle of daily life. It’s a way to live, rather than a way to think. This holistic philosophy aims for spiritual and physical well-being through a harmonious relationship with God, each other and the physical environment. With its goal of balance in life, Tri Hita Karana embodies the spirit of spa and fuels the hearts and minds of Bali’s spa and wellness professionals.