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June 07, 2012

World Ocean day 2012 in Bali

June 8th is World Oceans Day

Welcome to the international community’s online resource for World Oceans Day—our planet’s biggest celebration of the ocean, held every June 8th. This year, we encourage you to reach out to young people in your community and help inspire them for the 2012 theme Youth: the Next Wave for Change. Explore this site for ideas, resources, and information about how you can get involved.

Outdoor Cinema by the sea
You are cordially invited

World Oceans Day In Bali , June 10th. 2012 

 Michael O'Leary -- Founder/CEO
R.O.L.E. Foundation reiterates the ongoing programs and visions of  the R.O.L.E.  Foundation 

Vision: Sustainable future for Coastal Communities through the Education and Development of Women.
  • Literacy, Skills, Social Business Education and Development Center for Disadvantaged and at Risk Women
  • Environment Infrastructure Projects for Coastal Communities;
Programs run at our Campus for disadvantaged and at risk women:
  1. Women's Literacy and Skills Education (2 Campus, 5 Grades, Day and Night Teaching) (Literacy includes Girls as well as Women.
  2. Job Placement, Social Business Development for Women.
  3. Public School, Orphanage and Special School Health and Environment Interactive Educational Tour. (Run by our Women Students)
  4. Sustainable Framing and Gardening for Women. (permaculture)
  5. Environmental Coastal Community Assistance Program (Including Education and Awareness) Development of Women Project Managers. 

World Oceans Day is being celebrated by millions of people all over the globe. Be a part of the movement to protect our oceans! Visit and to see more amazing videos about the ocean and learn what you can do to help protect it