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March 04, 2013

Empowering women 2013

We wish a happy 102nd anniversary of International Women's day 2013 to women around the globe 
March 8th, International Women's day 
from Bali the island of love 

International Women's Day Message 2013 - The Hon Julia Gillard MP,The Australian Prime Minister    FRI 08 MARCH 2013

Prime Minister, Minister for the Status of Women


International Women’s Day had today been marked with a pledge to continue Australia’s efforts to eliminate and prevent violence against women and girls.
The United Nations theme for International Women’s Day this year is a promise: time for action to end violence against women.
The first International Women’s Day rallies were held in March 1911, a time when support for the right for women to work, vote and hold public office was building momentum.
We have a come long way since that time and made significant gains in achieving greater gender equality and enabling women’s social, political and economic empowerment.
But tragically, far too many women around the world are still victims of violence by their governments and armies and by those who should love and protect them - by partners and family members.
And we know that there are other areas where action is still required to address inequality. The gender pay gap is still too wide and the number of women in senior roles is still too few.
Hundreds of events take place around the world for International Women’s Day and it truly is a day when countries can unite and work together to end and prevent all forms of violence, whether physical, sexual or psychological.
The Prime Minister spoke about the challenges facing women and girls at an IWD Breakfast in Sydney.
In Washington, Ms Collins participated in a panel examining domestic and international initiatives aimed at improving gender equality and to attend the International Women of Courage Ceremony.
Ms Collins has been in New York to lead the Australia delegation at the 57th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, the world’s main policy-making body, at which countries agree to a set of concrete recommendations to be implemented to improve gender equality.
The theme at the Commission this year is the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls.
Domestically and internationally – including through our aid program and advocacy – Australia is promoting a world where women and girls can thrive and where their safety is guaranteed.

International Women's day 2013 Message

On International Women's Day, 8 March 2013, UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet stresses that discrimination and violence against women and girls have no place in the 21st century. "Enough is enough," she says in a message of both outrage and hope that discrimination and violence must end. For more information on International Women's Day,
March 8th, International Women's day 

As human beings, we believe we are equally created It is presumably true  the first man is called Adam and the first woman is called Eve. Without women there would be no procreation nor life on earth . We are strongly in favor of the old saying " Behind every successful man there must stand a wise woman. " Recently we also heard the President of the United States Barack Obama cited in his victory remarks in November 2012 " I wouldn't be the man I am today without the woman who agreed to marry me twenty years ago. " and we might have heard how Conrad Nicholson Hilton Sr, the founder of Hilton credited his mother (Mary Genevieve (née Laufersweiler) on how she had influenced his life until he passed away at the age of 91 in 1979 . His mother Marry continually reminded him that prayer was the best investment he would ever make. Let women work on par with men No way to Misogyny nor women exploitation . Let women choose their own preferred sexual orientation . Let's empower women all over the world. .
I love u sms... There was a group of women at a seminar on how to live in a loving relationship with their husbands. The women were asked, ‘How many of you love your husbands?’ All the women raised their hands. Then they were asked, ‘When was the last time you told your husband you loved him?’ Some women answered today, some yesterday, some didn’t remember. The women were then told to take their phones and send the following text: I love you, sweetheart. Then the women were told to exchange phones and read the responding text messages. Here are some of the replies 1.Who is this? 2. Eh, mother of my children, are you sick? 3. I love you too. 4. What now? Did you crash the car again? 5. I don’t understand what you mean? 6. What did you do now? I won’t forgive you this time. 7. ?!? 8. Don’t beat about the bush, just tell me how much you need 9. Am I dreaming? 10. If you don’t tell me who this message is actually for, someone will die. 11. I asked you not to drink anymore. I’ll leave if you are tired of me. Wishing you owomen all over the world a happy international Women's day from Bali the island of love. When: Friday 8 March 2013 Men and women are created equal Where: Everywhere What: International Women's Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women's Day is a national holiday.
We wish you a happy International women's day 2013 from Bali the island of love. 

International Women's day in Russia, courtesy of Russia Today.
Yes I want to help Today

Lost for inspiration? Check out some of these quotes from a few of the amazing women who've appeared on CNN's Leading Women over the last year.

"If you can find something that you're really passionate about, whether you're a man or a woman comes a lot less into play. Passion is a gender-neutralizing force." Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer.
"Make sure you continue to trust what you know about yourself and stay true to what you believe in." Melinda Gates, businesswoman and philanthropist.
"You know you're old if they have discontinued your blood type. Someone compliments you on your alligator shoes, and you're barefoot," late comedian Phyllis Diller.
"Always find the time to do something for other people. Indeed, there is nothing more rewarding than making someone else happy." Fabiola Gianotti, Physicist, CERN.
"Never think you can't do anything because you're a woman, everything is open to you as a girl. The future is yours." Our very own Christiane Amanpour.
So, who inspires you? Leave your favorite quote in the comment section below or via Twitter using the hashtag #wisdomofwomen.

International Women's Day Message 2013 - Governor General Ms Quentin Bryce

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