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July 04, 2013

Charity event with Sean Indonesian Idol at the Westin Resort Bali

UNICEF Charity Event with Sean, Indonesian Idol 2012

Friday, 12 July 2013
Mangupura Hall, Bali International Convention Center

An Inspiring Evening with Kamasean Maththews on Friday, July 12, 2013 was really uplifting and entertaining.

In addition to raising much-needed funds for a worthwhile cause, another aim of Kamaean’s appearance was to empower local children and help them realize their full potential. Prior to the concert, Kamasean hosted one hour exclusive “Sharing Session” for aspiring young singers and musicians. This provided an opportunity to meet Kamasean in person and hear about her rise to fame. She also took the time to pose for group photos and talk about her own compositions.

A celebration for children from all walks of life, complimentary tickets were provided for several local schools. The resort also used the occasion to buss in a group of children from an orphanage that it supports in north Bali “Panti Asuhan Dana Punia, Singaraja.”  

A UNICEF video presentation preceded the concert highlighting the needs of children in the developing world. Kamasean Matthews was then welcomed to the stage where she opened the show with a power ballad. This was followed by a fun song performed by the children of the Farabi Music School, Dwiki Dharmawan, Bali.

The evening continued with Kamasean showcasing her musical abilities on the piano and guitar.

Another highlight of the night’s performance was a performance by the children of Joyful Choir followed by a collaborative song between Kamasean and her younger brother Sammy.

The finale was an upbeat rendition of the hit song “Hall of Fame” accompanied by the Joyful Choir.

“It was indeed an honor to have Kamasean Matthews perform at the resort in support of our annual fundraiser. This event once again proved that music has the ability to bring people together for a good cause. I am happy to announce that this year we will be able to make a significant contribution to UNICEF and give hope to those in need,” commented Bipan Kapur, Managing Director of The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali.  

Credit to and Westinresort  Dua Bali
At just 17 years of age, Kamasean has got a magical voice that transcends all musical genres and has the power to bridge the generation gap. She will sing an uplifting selection of popular hits as well as collaborate with children from a local choir.

5.30 pm - 6.30 pm
Let's spend some time with Kamasean Matthews as she shares details about her amazing journey and rise to her fame.
IDR 150,000 per person inclusive of photo opportunity, certificate and access to Gala Show

7 pm onwards
This special charity event will fill your heart with music and take community spirit to new heights. Kamasean Matthews, gifted singer and Indonesian Idol finalist, will be performing live for one evening only.
IDR 75,000 per person
IDR 50,000 for child below 12 years

 Check Out for Children™
Check Out for Children is an alliance between UNICEF and Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia–Pacific.
It's one of our longest standing and most successful partnerships. Check Out for Children is simple and effective. Guests at Starwood Hotels are invited to add US$1 (or the equivalent in local currency) to their bill upon check out, as a donation to UNICEF.

All proceeds will be donated directly to our UNICEF Check Out For Children program.

Opening doors to opportunity through education
Since September 2011, UNICEF and Starwood  have started working together to help ensure every child around the world can access a quality education.
The partnership will incorporate 3 new Starwood brands: W, Aloft and St. Regis, and all funds raised will support our education programmes.
Donations from Starwood guests will go towards interventions such as building and improving schools, training teachers, supplying school equipment and campaigning to ensure children stay in school.
Why the focus on education? Simple: it's every child's human right to be able to go to school. Without it, a child’s development can be stunted by poor health, malnutrition and a lack of opportunity. With it, a child has a better chance of breaking the cycle of poverty and being able to pursue a life of opportunity.

 The keycard for guests of Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Guests are invited to add the equivalent of US$1 to their bill upon check out, as a donation to UNICEF . 

Make a Green Choice
An exciting new initiative for our partnership is the ‘Make a Green Choice’ program, which seeks to reduce the impact of climate change on children. Every year, up to 175 million children are likely to be affected by natural disasters brought about by climate change. The most vulnerable children often bear the brunt of these disasters because of poor infrastructure and a lack of resources. If we do not act now to help children get climate ready, we could see an increase in child deaths, childhood diseases and a loss of homes, families, schools and communities.
In selected properties, guests at Starwood Hotels & Resorts can ‘Make a Green Choice’. For every night a guest declines housekeeping services, participating hotels will save over 500 cups of water and in return, provide guests the opportunity to have a US$5 donation made on their behalf to support UNICEF climate change projects all over the world. Making a green choice could help schools in Mozambique build rainwater harvesting systems or give more Nigerian children safe drinking water.
Together, UNICEF and Starwood Hotels and Resorts can help children to adapt to the life-threatening effects of climate change.
Tickets for the charity show can be obtained at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua 
Last year UNICEF Check Out for Children Challenge had 
a special charity event that  warms our hearts with inspiring music and a sense of community spirit featuring internationally acclaimed Indonesian Violinist, Iskandar Widjaja. on Friday, 24 August 2012 at Bali International Convention Center

Over the years, I have had the privilege to witness some extraordinary music from Black Sabbath to Bocelli, and since moving to Bali, I seem to be often submerged in a world of incredible performances.

Friday evening’s performance was something special, very special, and a night that will live nestled within my musical memory forever.

I had heard Iskandar Widjaja a few times on Classic FM and had been immensely impressed. On his debut CD, Bach n Blues, he plays with a beautiful freedom of expression that takes the listener to the edge of fantasy. Could that be reproduced live? What a mouth-watering proposition.

Meeting him briefly prior to the concert, I felt he was something of an enigma. He is young, supremely talented, and as my wife noted, extremely good looking. He also comes across as real, touchable and in touch, with a driving sense of purpose and belief that few people posses. In his own words, he would love for young Indonesians to be the best they can; he wants to inspire, and that is why he was here.

The crowd, a broad mix of just about every age and nationality, gathered in the foyer of the convention center, eagerly waiting. The Westin had also brought along children from the Singaraja orphanage they support, who were given the best seats in the house.

Finally the hour chimed and, following what seemed an eternity, he appeared, clothed all in black, easing his way slowly to center stage, clutching his violin as if his life depended up on it. Eyes closed, as if inwardly preparing, he stood motionless and then, with the same passion he had displayed earlier, explained how Bach was not just his love, but also his life, his philosophy. By way of a prelude he performed a short introductory piece, before stalking off.

A group of young local aspiring violinists nervously entered the stage. Like angels, clad in white, they too stood in silence, through tension or perhaps for drama, before launching into their big moment. Iskandar later joined to lead the beautiful composition, flirting from group to group washing away any nerves and ensuring a wonderful group performance.

Iskandar then returned to the stage to play the hauntingly beautiful Chaconne by Bach. The delivery was nothing short of spectacular, and was greeted initially with stunned silence from his awe-struck audience. Few, I doubt, will have witnessed a classical musician of this standard, and this was something very special. His touch was almost passionate, bow movement fluid, fingering precise, and his tone subtle yet stirring.

With the applause still ringing, he turned his attention to pop music. A small local choir joined the stage with not a trace of nerves and sang the most appropriate of songs “The Greatest Love of All”, followed by the Michael Jackson arm-waving anthem “We are The World”.

Iskandar’s interplay with the choir was delightful and featured moments of fine comedy as interaction with the choir’s youngest and most exuberant member developed throughout the performance. Iskandar would turn away and she would pout or look longingly. Her joy as Iskandar returned was only matched by her hero’s enthusiasm for her smile.

The evening closed to a rapturous standing ovation, and as our young heroine presented Iskandar with a huge bouquet of flowers, I felt that Bach would have unequivocally approved. 

Source : Bali Daily Unicef-charity-concert

Charity show with Sean to support UNICEF check out for Children Program

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