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December 05, 2013

Special Moments of Grand Istana Rama with Orphaned Children

Special Moments of Grand Istana Rama and Australian Guests with
Orphaned Children
Warmest Greetings from Grand Istana Rama Hotel Kuta – Bali!
As human beings, people need to be aware of the children that need helps, care, and love, as the children left in an orphanage with no parents taking care of. There is a Donation Box in Grand Istana Rama Hotel in order to attract the guests to be aware of the surroundings, especially to donate their money to help the children in the orphanage.
On Wednesday, December 4th , 2013, Grand Istana Rama Hotel together with the Australian guests, Mr. John and his wife, Ms. Lenore  Davis visited Dharma Jati II Orphanage on Jalan Trengguli Number 80, Penatih, Denpasar, Bali. Before that, the management staffs of Grand Istana Rama Hotel and the Australian guests went to one of Shopping
Malls on Sunset Road to buy nutritive snacks, biscuits, juices, jellies, oranges, and milk for the orphaned children. Furthermore, they bought T-Shirts with different colors and sizes.
There were also lunch boxes, bottles, bed sheets, and towels as donation from Grand Istana Rama Hotel and from the management staffs. A big chocolate birthday cake was also ready to be given to the orphaned children to celebrate any child in the Orphanage who had their birthday on November and December. Grand Istana Rama Staffs and the Australian guests conducted a birthday celebration party in Dharma Jati II Orphanage. There was a very touching moment when the staffs, Mr. John, Ms. Lenore Davis, and all the orphaned children sang the birthday song together, enjoyed the birthday cake together, and shared the donation that had been prepared. This togetherness was so warm and intimate. The orphaned children looked very excited with this visitation and donation.
 Grand Istana Rama Hotel has 150 rooms in a 1.7-hectare land area, with traditional Balinese architecture with lush tropical garden atmosphere, making guests feel comfortable and feel like home. All rooms and exterior design reflect the charm and appeal of Bali, with four type of rooms, which are Superior Upper, Superior Ground, Deluxe, and Garden Suite.
Grand Istana Rama Hotel has three meeting rooms with 50-250 person capacity. When the guests stay in Grand Istana Rama Hotel, the hotel will guarantee for long-lasting impression during their vacation in Bali. The guest will not only get usual memory of vacation by photographs in the hotel, enjoying the beach and souvenirs that have no impression and emotion inside, but the guests will also experience free cultural activities in particular that the hotel creates.
 The activities that the hotel conducts are; Bahasa Indonesia Lesson, Canang Decoration, Balinese Costume Photo Session, Balinese Massage, and Cooking Class. The hotel delivered a simple lesson of Bahasa Indonesia.  The simple Bahasa Indonesia lesson is given affectionately by our professional staffs, then after that, as the advantage, the guests will be more confident to make a deal or negotiate directly with art market vendors if they want to purchase souvenirs. The hotel introduces Balinese Culture with Canang Decoration, so that the guests will learn how to make Canang Decoration, and there will be Balinese Costume
Photo Session with Balinese Traditional Clothes. In the cooking class, the hotel invites the guests to be emotionally involved, starting from visiting the traditional markets to purchase the ingredients, and go back to the hotel to cook together with our professional chefs. 
Through these cultural activities, holiday with Grand Istana Rama Hotel will be long-lasting memorable.

Best regards,

Christine Wahyudi
Marketing Communications Officer
Grand Istana Rama Hotel
Jl. Pantai Kuta - Kuta , Denpasar-Bali
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