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January 11, 2014

Miss Earth Pageant 2014

 Miss Earth Pageant at a glance 

Miss Earth is an annual international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness Along with its rivals Miss Universe and Miss World contests, Miss Earth is one of the three largest beauty pageants in the world in terms of the number of national-level competitions to participate in the world finals and one of the most publicized beauty contests in the world The reigning titleholders dedicate their year to promote specific projects and often address issues concerning the environment and other global issue through school tours, tree planting activities, street campaigns, coastal clean ups, speaking engagements, shopping mall tours, media guesting, environmental fair, storytelling programs, eco-fashion shows, and other environmental activities.
The Miss Earth winner is the spokesperson for the Miss Earth Foundation, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and other environmental organizations The Miss Earth Foundation also works with the environmental departments and ministries of participating countries, various private sectors and corporations, as well as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). Traditionally, Miss Earth lives in Manila during her reign. 
Miss Earth is part of the Big Four international beauty pageants.
The current Miss Earth titleholder is Alyz Henrich from Venezuela who was crowned on December 7, 2013 in Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

Having established a track record in mounting world-class beauty pageants over the last decade, Carousel Productions Inc. decided to reinvent and improve the concept of beauty competitions for the new millennium.

Because many people admire and aspire to be a beauty queen, Carousel Productions, Inc. believed beauty queens would be a good and effective advocate of worthy causes. To give life to this vision, Carousel Productions Inc. organized and launched in 2001 the MISS EARTH Beauty Pageant, a beauty event whose raison d'etre was to have its candidates and winners actively promote and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth.

Apart from a strong emphasis on environmental protection programs, MISS EARTH also aims to showcase and promote various tourist destinations. Every year, 80 to 90 candidates from all over the world compete on beauty and knowledge of environmental issues.

The winner of MISS EARTH will serve as the Ambassador to environmental protection campaigns worldwide.

Now on it's 13th year, MISS EARTH continues to build its reputation as the most relevant and worthwhile beauty event in the world, setting a legacy of beauty and responsibility.

Depicts a woman’s grace and form holding the earth upward in reverence. The Earth or globe represents the valuable gem stone in the center of a royal crown formed by the 4 rays eminating from the “globe” which forms the crown and symbolizes the 4 elements of the Earth - hence: Woman of the Earth.

The pageant is a search for the most beautiful women of the Earth to serve as a role model dedicated to uphold the advocacy to preserve and restore Mother Earth.

MISS EARTH: Legacy for Beauty and Responsibility 

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Miss Earth 2014 the 14th edition of the Miss Earth pageant will be held on December 2014. Miss Earth 2013, Alyz Henrich from Venezuela will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Miss Earth Pageant 2013

Age: 22
Height: 176 cm
Measurements: 35.4-23.6-36.2

The 2013 Evening Gown Final Competition was held at the Grand Ballroom of Crimson Hotel Filinvest City and for more details please click here:Miss Earth 2013 winners
Venezuela - Alyz Henrich
Nepal - Rojisha Shahi Thakuri
Philippines Angelee delos Reyes

Miss Earth 2013, the 13th edition of the Miss Earth pageant, was held on December 7, 2013 at the Versailles Palace, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines. Miss Earth 2012 Tereza Fajksová from Czech Republic crowned Alyz Henrich from Venezuela as the new Miss Earth where 89 delegates were selected to take part in the Miss Earth 2013. :

"Taking care of our water is taking care of ourselves, water is life. Let’s keep it clean."

Describe your childhood growing years:

Having lots of fun in my neighborhood, with my big brother and my parents all together. I was very independent and mature for my age always. And had a lot of extra-curricular activities like folkloric dancing, samba and sports.

 What lessons did you learn from your childhood?

Being humble is key to success, it doesn’t matter how far I go, and I will always remember where I come from, my roots, family, education and country.

 Any special facts or story about your family?

I was born in a very small town called Los Taques at the Peninsula de Paraguana the state of Falcon in Venezuela. They have supported me all my life even when I moved out on my own to the city of Maracaibo to study Social Communication and when I was spotted by a Modeling agency and I continued my preparation in Milan, when I arrived back in Venezuela, my family was amazed by how I changed as a woman.

 What is the most unusual thing you have ever done?

Traveling without my parents’ permission, while being a minor.

 What is your most memorable moment?

When I was elected for representing my country in the 2013 Miss Earth pageant.

 What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
 I will be working for the recollection of trash in the Los Roques Island Chain, supporting the cause directed by a brilliant 12 year old kid, who began to work to keep the waters of these islands clean.

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