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April 15, 2014

the light of love has come as 2 eclipses take place in April

The light of love has come as 2 eclipses take place in April

 April Eclipses, Grand Cross & Merging Streams: Harmonizing and Homecoming

Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Meredith Murphy 

Telepathic Transmission – 8 April 2014

(This transmission is given members of the Legion of Light, and I was guided to also share this publicly, so support our collective participation in April 2014.)

Greetings Dear Friends & Family of Light,

This new wave of light weaving within our midst and upon your planet is the stuff you've been waiting for, for a long while. It is the energy of your essence, transmitting to you from within and being met from without, in accord. There is a powerful resonance of being taking place and for many of you, who for so long have not yet felt at home on Earth, this will change all that.

There is a homecoming happening energetically, and you ca easily feel it within your heart. It's enough to move you to tears, some of you, as this fuller knowing of who you are comes together. Regardless of how you respond to this energy the energy itself is realizing your deepest aspirations for life on Earth, dear ones. These are very dear hopes, and long-held visions for participating, for evolving, for collectively creating and for uplifting Earth and opening up the planetary matrix to other cosmic levels of being and light. It is a time to feel deep satisfaction and joy.

Life will never be the same and the Legion of Light, the Angelic Realm here and in the material, plays a significant part. Many of you are participating simultaneously in the Angelic Realm and from that focus you feel your essence on Earth. The same way that on Earth you sense your non-physical presence. There is increasing openness between Earth and all realms which means there is increasing openness and clear pathways for connection, communion and transmission between you and you and you and you and you …!

It is time for you to begin to merge with your more abstract aspects of being. And as you do this, you will remember more about how it is. Remembering is the most important thing you came here for and it is expanding. The remembering that is most powerful is the remembering that gives you a sense of knowing. A sense of knowing about it all. How it all works. What makes sense. Your expanded knowing is that part of you that when you encounter vast new ideas says, "Oh, of course. I knew that. Makes perfect sense." These are moments that point out to you that your broader knowing is more present in your life then you typically think or notice. It sneaks in! Your essence. More and more whenever possible. Whenever you relax more, invite more, open more, it just flows in more. It's totally natural, and it's entirely the idea of how to be in your body, so it does not require your participation. Although you attention to it, is nice, and fun for you and gives you more awareness of what it feels like to be you.

As we move into April, there are some massive energy waves in motion. We have two eclipses this month -- a solar and a lunar eclipse. We begin with the lunar eclipse which will assist you in becoming freer emotionally. As you begin to embrace your freedom and your sovereign presence, it is very important to become more free of emotions. Emotions are so very beautiful! They can feel intense or soft and gentle. They can be experienced in so many flavors. They are an enormous part of being human. However, you are NOT your emotions. They are an experience that arises from your stuff. They arise from your beliefs about what is beautiful what is wonderful what is not beautiful what is not wonderful. They also arise from your chosen state of being, your practiced emotional state, or even your preferred emotional state. You can select things to focus upon which give a triggered response in you to experience the emotions you choose. None of this is good or bad. It just is. And with this realization that it just is, we wish to add -- your emotions are not you.

You are conscious awareness and knowing and with this expansive realization you can enjoy your emotions or not. You can consciously cultivate your emotions or not. You can realize how your emotions, like stories -- thoughts and beliefs, etc. -- affect you, and you can, therefore, have preferences if you wish. But you are not your emotions. Anymore than you are your stories. Emotions are just stuff. They are energetic qualities in particular arrangements. We use them. We experience them. We transmit them. You enjoy them. You experience your life more deeply because of them. They are, however, like all stories and stuff, temporary. They arise and disappear. They are stuff, made of particles in temporary arrangements to be experienced, but not to be identified with nor taken personally.

When you experience an emotion, regardless of what emotion it is, and experience it fully, completely and let it dissolve, then you experience your life in an ongoing state of clarity. When you feel an emotion and you use the emotion to try and control a situation or others, use the energy of the emotions to accomplish something, you distort it. This leaves a trace within the experience. When you use the emotion to try to force something to happen, this also leaves a trace. In this way you hold onto the emotion within your energy field and remain connected to the energy of the situation. You find yourself continually thinking about it, feeling things that lead you into thinking about it and find it hard to be in the present because of this. To resolve this you must step away from this and not engage. The more you engage the more you are fragmented and not in the present.

This Lunar Eclipse will help you to clear any of your lingering traces from incomplete or distorted emotional transactions.

The second eclipse is a Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse takes place in Aries and is going to amplify your presence on Earth in your new, more refined state of coherence and purity, following the passage through the energies of the Lunar Eclipse and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is a bit like a second Equinox. It will be a profoundly balancing event with regards to your multidimensionality. You are increasingly merging with streams of YOU from other dimensions, timelines and frequencies. As this occurs, there is a benefit to recalibrating and harmonizing your stream, your conscious awareness and knowing, in this particular human life.

The intention here is to bring the fullness of all you into the material here on Earth. And to bring the awareness of you on Earth fully into the aspects not located here. This is to open up all the time/space matrixes related to you. As you do this you help to open up the planetary matrix more.

As Earth opens up more, it is participating in opening up the Universe. This Universe is opening up in ways that are making further expansion possible. This expansion is opening up pathways and corridors of light between Universes beyond your Universe.

Everything in Creation is an experience of expansion and merging and opening and reuniting.

Your participation in the month of April is especially important. Earth aspects of the Angelic Realm will be focused, impulsed from an essence perspective, to arise into the greatest clarity and purity of emanation possible. Because the more purely you are present, the more you can compliment and harmonize with all of Creation and with everything that is unfolding, opening and expanding on Earth. Thus the exquisite perfection of Creation expands.

Our focus, this month, will be in sharing these experiences together and in working with you, each of you, to assist and simply love and enjoy with you, this transfiguration of humanity, of life on Earth and of our continuing shared ascension into Oneness.

You are dearly loved.
I am Archangel Michael
Note: We'll be coming together for two global events during this Eclipse Cycle, click HERE to learn more and see if you'd like to join in the dance.

The Full Lunar Eclipse takes place on April 15.
The Cardinal Grand Cross, on April 23/24
The Solar Eclipse on April 29.
For more information see NASA:

Understanding Personal Influences of the April 15 Lunar Eclipse

You can get some idea of the areas of your life that will be most affected by the April 15 eclipse by looking to see where 25 degrees Libra falls in your astrology chart. When an eclipse falls close to one of your personal planets, this is significant for you. The closer the eclipse is to one of your planets, the more profound the influence. The most powerful impact is felt when an eclipse lands on your Sun (birthday) or close to it. The Sun rules your identity, your sense of self as well as your health and well-being. It is not uncommon to begin to adopt a new focus self during this time. A focus self is the aspect of your being that is in charge of your conscious existence.

It is also significant if an eclipse lands on your Moon or any other planet in your chart. It is also important if an eclipse lands on your Ascendant or Midheaven. The nature of the planet or aspect where the eclipse falls, as well as the house position, reveals the area of your life that is likely to be most affected by the eclipse. In other words, examining the area of your chart most affected by an eclipse can reveal the part of your life that is due for change.

The full moon lunar eclipse passing through Libra emphasizes relationships of all kinds. This eclipse will help us see things more clearly. Coming to the forefront will be issues associated with emotions, security needs and habits and patterns. As you thread through these issues, you may find yourself shifting to a new timeline altogether. Eclipses always call for change and in some cases it is change that is long overdue. Major change often happens when eclipses shake us out of old patterns and clear away parts of our lives that are no longer working. These changes clear the way for new people, events and ideas to enter our life. Usually these are changes that have been crystalizing in the others for awhile, waiting for divine timing to usher them into our physical reality. If you see people and circumstances leaving your life now, remain in a peaceful place knowing the new is on its way. Balance and harmony are traits that are especially important to cultivate during a lunar eclipse.

The April 15 eclipse draws to close a cycle that has been with us over the past 19 years. A look back over the past 19 years can bring insight to the nature of the cycle now ending and shed light on the new cycle and timeline now emerging.

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