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January 06, 2015

Bali Hotels Association Press Release on travel warning

Bali Hotels Association wishes to clarify the official statement issued by the Australian Government
There has been some recent hype surrounding the travel warning which is being sensationalized through the Australian Media. We would like to inform you that based on information BHA received from its security contacts that on the 5th January 2015, The Australian Smart Traveler advice changed with the following addition that on 3rd January 2015, the US Government warned a potential threat against US-Associated hotels and banks in Surabaya however that there is no known specific threat to Bali. BHA also received information that the Level of Advise remains at level 2 “Exercise a high degree of Caution” which it has been at since November 2014 when it was actually downgraded from “Reconsider your need to Travel” which had been in effect since 2002 bombings. In affect there has not been a change in Indonesia’s Travel advise in regards to security.
These statements are not related with the level of security or threat that Bali may experience. We are disappointed to read that this somehow normal information has been relayed in the press as a 'Travel Warning.'
We can only deplore, as we have done so for the last few years, that the Australian  travel warning system relays information that is often linked to hearsay, is not location specific and most importantly that each time new information (regardless of its importance to security) is posted, it pops-up as a 'change in travel warning' and every time replicating fears that are not founded.
Bali Hotels Association re-assures its readers, guests and partners that the current situation in Bali has not changed and that security measures that have been in place now since a few years are constantly monitored, audited and reviewed; tight and regular cooperation with police and other security and safety related agencies ensure that BHA member hotels and guests are well protected; security and safety standards of  BHA hotels are amongst the highest on the island and served as the basis of numerous safety and security policies in Indonesia and other parts of Asia.
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