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January 29, 2011

Investors Interested in Second Airport in Bali

Buleleng regency says it is continuing to improve coordination with provincial and central government officials in a bid to get Bali’s projected second international airport sited in the regency.
Local planning chief Gede Darmaja said the Buleleng authorities were sending new data to the cabinet secretary in Jakarta and possible investors in India and Turkey.
“Whatever data is necessary, we will send,” he said.
Darmaja said an Indian investor who visited some months ago had expressed interest in Buleleng as an international airport site.
Two locations are under consideration – Kubutambahan east of Singaraja and Gerokgak, where the existing Lt Col Vishnu airfield was already established. A third possible alternative was Pemuteran.
“A lot of alternatives are being studied,” Darmaja said.
He said any proposal to build a full-scale international airport in Buleleng would require intensive community consultation. “Clearly, construction of an airport will not be at the expense of society. There is a win-win solution,” he said.
The local legislator at Gerokgak, Nyoman Adnyana, said he was not fully briefed about the proposals.
“But if the airport ends up being built at Gerokgak residents will welcome it,” he said. “It would do a lot to improve the welfare of the people.”
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