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April 19, 2011

Indian Investor Ready To establish Bali's Second Airport, Letkol Wisnu

Indian Investor Ready To Build Bali's Second Airport, Letcol Wisnu.

Updated news July 2013. Bali needs a second airport

  Bali's Second Airport, Letcol Wisnu

Lieutenant Colonel Wisnu Airfield, (Indonesian: Letkol Wisnu Airfield, also referred to as Buleleng Airport) is located in Sumberkima Village, Buleleng province in the north-west corner of Bali, Indonesia. Construction was funded by the local government and completed in 2007. Airfield runway are planned to be extended from 600 to 1200 meters by 2010.

Monday, 28 February 2011 Hopes for a new airport in North Bali, Indonesia have been given a fillip with reports that investors have secured US$1 billion towards the planned development.
A report in the Bali Post says Indian infrastructure company GVK promised the investment during a meeting with the Indonesian Culture and Tourism ministry.

Chairman of GVK Power and Infrastructure, Krishna Reddy told Bali officials: "We have prepared at least US$1 billion for the construction of North Bali airport."

He also pledged to help out other big stalled projects on the island including the Garuda Wisnu Kencana project.

About GVK
GVK is a diversified business entity with a focus on Infrastructure and Urban Infrastructure projects. It also has a significant presence in the Hospitality, Life Sciences and Manufacturing sector.
Among the pioneers to envision the India Growth saga, GVK realized the potential needs of a rapidly developing economy, particularly in the area of infrastructure development. One of the challenges facing the fast paced economic development in India is to create world–class infrastructure which will further boost the growth and provide people with a better quality of life.
GVK has responded to the challenge by taking a lead in developing projects of national importance in diverse areas ranging from power, airports and roads. It also consolidated its position of strength in hospitality and manufacturing.
Having an asset base of close to Rs. 83 Billion (1,800 Million USD), GVK boasts of prestigious projects on hand worth of about Rs. 150 Billion (3,658 Million USD). Backed by the strength of 7,000 professionals with the required capabilities and technical acumen, GVK is surging ahead, building on its achievements and exploring newer avenues for growth.

GVK - Foundation

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a goal. It is a vision whose horizon perpetually recedes demanding ceaseless vigilance, continuous investments and unrelenting dedication to the ideals that unite GVK enterprises.
Speaking against a background of cataclysms and shocking revelations in the global corporate arena, it is essential to emphasize that social responsibility is not about supporting a few visible causes.
The point of departure is that, beyond capital investments, the operations of any corporate has social costs as well as benefits. Social responsibility begins by assuring that the social benefits of our operations far outweigh the social costs.
Thus, social responsibility would be in consonance with good corporate governance, efficient utilisation of resources and protection of stakeholder and consumer interests.
Beyond this, successful corporates can extend resources and take initiatives for socially relevant activities and causes. However, without adhering to the minima of corporate ethics, all such efforts would be meaningless.
GVK believes that its leadership stature goes beyond business success in terms of numbers and figures. It is more about fulfilling its social responsibility in the larger sense of the word.

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