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May 16, 2011

The Prestigious 30th UOB Painting Of The Year POY 2011

UOB’s new logo comprises the iconic red five-barred logo mark and the abbreviated name “UOB” in a modern and simple logo type.

Derived from the traditional Chinese ‘five-barred gate’ system of counting in fives, the logo mark symbolises security and unity.
It is a distinctive visual which our customers and partners have grown to recognise.
The simplicity of the logo type reflects the Bank’s focus and clarity.

UOB has announced that it’s now accepting entries for its annual Painting Of The Year Competition. Entry forms are available here, UOB branches, schools and art institutions. Artists can submit their works at the Visual Arts Seminar Room, Level 2, Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts Campus 1 (Wing B), between 1pm and 6pm on July 9. Winners will be announced on July 16 2011.

UOB Painting Of The Year Competition Goes Regional
Winners from each Competition across the region will compete
for the Special Mention Prize, adding another dimension to this signature event
Singapore, 26 Apr 2011 – United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) is pleased to
announce the launch of the prestigious UOB Painting Of The Year (POY) Competition in
four countries. UOB in Malaysia and Indonesia will hold the UOB POY Competition for
the first time this year, following the success of the UOB POY Competition in Singapore
and Thailand.


Bank UOB Buana yang menaruh perhatian dan peduli pada  perkembangan Seni Lukis Indonesia, menyelenggarakan kompetisi Seni Lukis Nasional untuk semua Warga Negara Indonesia.

Kategori karya
  1. Lukisan tidak dibatasi kategori (kontemporer, modern, post tradisional, tradisional, klasikal, dan lain-lain).
  2. Berbentuk 2 dimensi. Berukuran minimal bersisi 80 cm, dan maksimal bersisi total 180 cm 
  3. Media bebas, dapat menggunakan bantuan fotografi, digital print, unsur seni grafis, kolase atau instalasi.   
Kategori peserta
Kompetisi dibagi dalam 2 (dua) kelompok, yaitu:
  • “Kelompok Profesional”, usia lebih dari 18 tahun.
  •  “Kelompok Junior”, usia 13 - 18 tahun, terhitung sampai Desember 2010.  
  • 1 (satu) orang pemenang Utama UOB Buana Painting of the Year 2011 dengan hadiah: Rp 70.000.000,- (tujuh puluh juta rupiah) + Trophy
  • 3 (tiga) orang pemenang “Kelompok Profesional”  dengan hadiah masing-masing Rp 50.000.000,- (lima puluh juta rupiah) + Trophy.
  • 3 (tiga) orang pemenang “Kelompok Junior” dengan hadiah masing-masing Rp 25.000.000,- (dua puluh lima juta rupiah) + Trophy.
Dewan Juri
  1. Agus Dermawan T. (kritikus seni)
  2. Rifky Effendy, S.Sn (kurator)
  3. Suwarno Wisetrotomo, S.Sn, M.Hum (pendidik)
  4. DR. Jean Couteau (pengamat seni)
  5. Richard Winkler (pelukis)
Panitia Kompetisi

Karya-karya yang dikompetisikan, dapat dikirim ke:
Panitia UOB Buana Painting of the Year
UOB Plaza lantai 15,
Jl. MH. Thamrin no. 10,
Jakarta 10230

Telp: 021-2350 6000 Ext. 31510
Fax: 021-2993 6632

Syarat dan Ketentuan Kompetisi

- Peserta mengirimkan foto lukisan dalam ukuran 8 R (high resolution), dengan disertai   judul, ukuran, media, tahun produksi karya yang ditulis di belakang foto.

- Masing-masing foto lukisan yang dikirim untuk ikut serta dalam kompetisi agar disertai dengan :
  1. Narasi berisi konsep, isi atau muatan karya yang dikompetisikan (maksimal 200 kata
  2. Fotokopi KTP yang masih berlaku untuk peserta “Kelompok Profesional
  3. Fotokopi Akta Kelahiran dan Surat Keterangan dari Sekolah atau keluarga untuk peserta “Kelompok Junior.
  4. CV peserta kompetisi
  5. Alamat lengkap, nomor telepon, nomor fax, dan alamat email peserta.
  6. Minimal 2 foto lukisan lain yang tidak dikompetisikan, sebagai referensi
  7. Tiap peserta dapat mengirimkan maksimal 5 (lima) karya yang merupakan hasil karya dirinya sendiri.
  8. Karya yang boleh diikutsertakan adalah ciptaan tahun 2009-2011 dan belum pernah dipublikasikan atau diikutsertakan dalam kompetisi apapun. Panitia dapat memberikan pengecualian untuk karya seni yang dibuat oleh murid-murid sekolah dan dipamerkan di sekolah tersebut.

- Tuliskan pilihan kategori pada amplop berisi foto yang dikirimkan kepada Panitia.
- Batas akhir pengiriman foto lukisan adalah tanggal 15 Mei 2011, cap pos.
- Nominator kompetisi akan dihubungi secara tertulis oleh Panitia.
- Pemenang kompetisi akan diumumkan pada awal Juni 2011 dan karya seni akan dipamerkan dalam
   Pameran Lukisan yang diselenggarakan oleh Panitia.
- Lukisan yang memenangkan kompetisi UOB Painting Of the Year akan menjadi milik  PT UOB Buana
- Hasil kompetisi bersifat mutlak berdasarkan hasil penilaian Dewan Juri.

UOB has been supporting the arts since the early 1970s. The Bank believes that an
awareness and appreciation of the Arts can inject vibrancy and contribute to the uplifting
of a society. Chief among its efforts is the UOB POY Competition which has become a
significant event in the arts calendar in Singapore.
Through the UOB POY Competition, UOB aims to promote a greater interest in local art,
further encourage artists in their creative endeavours and provide a platform to
recognise and exhibit the best creative works.
The UOB POY Competition was launched in 1982 in Singapore and has been held
annually since. 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of this premiere art event in Singapore,
while UOB Thai held the UOB POY Competition for the first time in 2010.
In conjunction with the expansion into the region, UOB has reaffirmed the original intent
of the UOB POY Competition by refocusing on paintings as an art form. This year, the
UOB POY Competition will not include a photography category. The minimum age of
participation has also increased to 13 to streamline the selection process and
concentrate the efforts on more mature works.
Said Mr Choo Thiam Siew, Chief Judge for this year’s POY Competition Judging Panel,
“The UOB POY Competition has been an institution in the Singapore arts scene for 30
years. Painting is a diverse and sophisticated art form and allows an artist to be able to
express the range of his ideas and talents. By concentrating solely on painting, UOB is
returning to the essence of the POY Competition, in keeping with what the name
The Painting Of The Year winner from each UOB POY Competition across the region
will be invited to the Singapore Awards Ceremony where their work will be exhibited
alongside all the winning works from the Singapore UOB POY Competition. In addition,
a Special Mention Prize, comprising S$5,000 cash, will be awarded to one of the country
UOB POY Competition winners.
Mr Wee Ee Cheong, UOB’s Deputy Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer said,
“As we hit the 30-year milestone for the UOB POY Competition, we remain committed to
our support for the Arts, which we believe play a vital role in society. We are pleased to
extend the UOB POY Competition beyond Singapore to the regional communities where
we operate, starting with Thailand and now Malaysia and Indonesia. We aim to broaden
the avenues for local artists to compete on a regional platform, and facilitate crosscultural
The UOB POY Competition is open to Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents,
Employment Pass, Work Permit, Student Pass, Dependent’s Pass and Long Term Visit
Pass holders, born in or before 1998.
Entry forms and a copy of the rules and regulations of the UOB POY Competition will be
available at, all UOB branches, schools and art institutions from 27 April
Artists in Singapore who wish to take part in the UOB POY Competition may submit their
works on 9 July 2011 at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. All entries must be
submitted at the Visual Arts Seminar Room, Level 2, Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts
Campus 1 (Wing B), 80 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189655 on 9 July 2011 between
1pm and 6pm.
Winners will be announced on 16 July 2011. All award-winning and highly-commended
entries will be exhibited at the 30th UOB Painting Of The Year Exhibition to be held at
Jendela (Visual Arts Space), Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, from 17-31 July 2011.
(Please refer to the attached Annex for details on the categories of prizes and the
Factsheet for more information on the UOB POY Competition)
About United Overseas Bank
United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) is a leading bank in Asia. It provides a wide range of financial
services through its global network of over 500 offices in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific,
Western Europe and North America, including banking subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,
Thailand and mainland China.
UOB plays an active role in the community, focusing on children, education and the arts. Its staff
volunteerism programme was initiated in 2007. Through the UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk, UOB has
raised funds for its named beneficiaries. UOB has also organised the prestigious Painting Of The Year
Competition and Exhibition since 1982. In recognition of its contributions to the arts, UOB has been
conferred the National Arts Council’s Distinguished Patron of the Arts Award for the sixth consecutive
For media queries, please contact:
Vivian Song
Group Communications
Tel: 6539 3990
Carol Alisha Chan
Group Communications
Tel: 6539 3981
The UOB Painting Of The Year Competition And Exhibition
Prize Categories (Singapore)
UOB Painting Of The Year Award $30,000 and a Trophy
The UOB Painting Of The Year winner is also eligible to vie for the Special Mention Prize
of S$5,000. UOB may, at its sole and absolute discretion, award this additional prize to
one of the four UOB Painting Of The Year Award winners from Singapore, Malaysia,
Thailand and Indonesia whom, in the judges’ final and conclusive opinion, is the most
exceptional artwork of the four.
Most Promising Young Artist Award
• Youth Section $2,500 and a Trophy
Four Platinum Awards $10,000 each
Highly-commended Awards for each section
• Three awards for the Open Section $2,500 each
• Three awards for the Youth Section $1,000 each
The UOB Painting Of The Year Award and four Platinum Awards may be won by any
Entrant regardless of Category (Abstract, Representational or Ink Painting) or Section
(Youth or Open) of submission.
In addition, the UOB Painting Of The Year Award winner and four Platinum Award
winners will be invited for an interview to vie for a bonus prize of a 1-month Residence
Programme at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.
The UOB Painting Of The Year Competition And Exhibition
Fact Sheet
1. Introduction
The United Overseas Bank (UOB) Painting Of The Year (POY) Competition was
launched in March 1982 and has been held annually since. The year 2011
marks the 30th year of this premier visual arts event in Singapore.
2. Objectives
The main objectives of the UOB POY Competition are to:
• Promote greater interest in local art;
• Encourage local artists to persist in their creative endeavours; and
• Provide recognition for the best creative works.
3. History & Development
Since 1973, the UOB Group has been supporting budding local artists by
selectively purchasing their works of art. Through this purchase-support
programme, the Group has, to date, acquired a large collection of artworks
totalling more than 1,500 pieces. These paintings are displayed at the Group's
Head Office as well as at its more than 500 global offices
The UOB POY Competition is an extension of the Group's patronage of the arts.
For its contribution to the arts, UOB was conferred the “Distinguished Patron of
the Arts” award by the Singapore National Arts Council for six consecutive years
from 2005 to 2010.
The first UOB POY Competition - held in 1982 - was jointly organised by the
UOB Group and the then Ministry of Culture (now called the Ministry of
Information, Communications and the Arts.)
Since 1983, the UOB POY competition has been the sole effort of the UOB
4. Structure of the POY Competition
Since its launch in 1982, the format of the UOB POY Competition has undergone
various changes. These changes, recommended by the panel of judges, were
introduced to enhance the quality and prestige of the Competition.
• 1982: The first UOB POY Competition was divided into two sections - an
Open Section and a Young People's Section.
• 1983: The UOB POY Competition was reduced to one section - the Open
• 1984: The UOB POY Competition was divided into three categories –
Abstract Medium, Representational Medium and Traditional Chinese Medium
– to attract participation from the widest range of artists.
• 1991: The UOB POY Competition was again divided into two sections - an
Open Section and a Junior Section. .
• 2003: A new photography category was added to the existing three, bringing
the total number of categories to four.
• 2006: The Junior Section was further expanded into two separate categories
– the Youth Section for participants aged 13 to 18, and the Junior Section for
those aged 6 to 12.
• 2008: The prize money for the Painting Of The Year was increased to
$30,000. This is accompanied by increases in the prizes for the other awards.
• 2009: A partnership was formed with the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (FAAM),
where the winner of the Painting Of The Year award will attend a one-month
residence programme at the FAAM, sponsored fully by UOB. In addition, four
Platinum Awards, open to artists across all the four categories (Abstract,
Representational, Traditional Chinese and Photography), replaced the Open
Section Category Awards which were restricted to participants within each
• 2010: For the first time ever, UOB took the Competition beyond Singapore to
Bangkok, Thailand. The UOB (Thai) Painting Of The Year Competition,
modelled after Singapore, aims to recognise artists and acknowledge the
best creative works in Thailand.
• 2011: The Competition was expanded to Malaysia and Indonesia.
5. Judges
Each year, the entries are judged by a panel of judges comprising renowned
artists/art connoisseurs/art curators who are specially appointed by the UOB
Group Art Committee. The panel includes prominent personalities from overseas
to ensure objectivity in the judging.
6. UOB Painting Of The Year Exhibition
Each year, the award-winning and highly-commended paintings from the
Competition are displayed at the UOB POY Exhibition. The aim of the Exhibition
is to foster a higher level of art consciousness among the public.
Since 1985, the UOB Group has also concurrently staged a special exhibition
featuring works by the winner of the preceding year’s UOB POY Competition at
the Exhibition. The Group hopes to help local artists gain more recognition for
their works and inspire them to achieve even higher standards through such
In 2007, UOB presented an exhibition called The Best Of UOB in conjunction
with the Singapore Arts Show 2007, where the top painting from the first 26 UOB
POY Competitions were showcased. The winning works from 2001 to 2010 were
also exhibited at the ArtSingapore 2010.
7. Premier Event Status
The success of the UOB POY Competition can be seen by indicators as the good
response over the last 29 years, the high standard of styles and mediums
adopted, the extensive publicity enjoyed by the winners, and the wide recognition
gained by the participating artists as a result of winning the Competition.
The UOB POY Exhibition was included as a Fringe Event in the inaugural
Singapore Biennale 2006, a cultural event that showcased international
contemporary art.

  the 2 winners at UOB Painting of the Year competition 2010

SINGAPORE: This year's UOB Painting of the Year competition saw two winners. That's because the event, its 29th year, was extended to Thailand.

The painting titled "Open New Sky" was the winner from Thailand.

21-year-old artist Pannaphan Yotmani from the renowned Silpakorn University, beat 120 others for the honour.

She won for herself a cash prize of 100,000 baht or S$4,289.35.

18-year-old Bai TianYuan won the Singapore competition with this entry titled "What".

The Raffles Junior College student beat 660 others for the S$30,000 cash prize.

The winning entries, along with 15 others, are on display at the Esplanade till July 25 2010.

TianYuan's piece is a self-portrait with a frustrated expression, resulting from the sense of loss and confusion when an artist has a mental block.

But she said frustration does not hinder the art.

She said: "The frustration and the struggle that you may face during the decision-making, the art making process is actually very essential to create good artworks. And I think the passion for it is really able to sustain you to continue doing art." - CNA/vm

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