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June 30, 2012

Ilusi French photographer Romain Osi

Institut Français Indonesia and Alliance française Denpasar are pleased to present Ilusi, a photographic exhibition created by the French photographer Romain Osi. This extraordinary project gathers photographs set on and under the sea in front of Sindu Beach - Sanur.

 vous êtes cordialement invité

Romain Osi at a glance
Born in 1980 in Paris, Romain Osi is a member of the cooperative photographic agency Picturetank. Independent photographer, he has exhibited at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, 10th International Havana Biennial, ROOM Gallery London, CCF Berlin, CCF Constantine, Le Cube in Paris, Nuit Blanche Paris, exhibitions in Brazil, Romania, Argentina, Indonesia,…
Romain Osi works with several french institutions, communication, publishing, and french or international press.
Whatever the topic and selected locations – nocturnal wandering on the motorway, part contained, city-cage concrete leaving no place in heaven, or conversely, desert landscape in which nature reclaims its rights – Romain Osi consists of images he has to see as fragments of life taken from the world with pinpoint accuracy.
At night the electric lights and give them a context where uncertainty often arise characters such appearances that were not expected. Photographs are sometimes traversed by light flashes, sometimes filled with an aura green or blue, heralding a new day. Often described as the wandering photographer, Romain Osi opens a window through which hallucinations or fantasized amazing and mysterious place whose decor conducive to the search for truth: truth about ourselves and our environments familiar or strange. The quest of the artist becomes the viewer’s returned to his solitude, his questionings, his aspirations wandering, its utopias. It is a face to face with himself that offers the photographer to the viewer who chooses to cross the corridor with him, this play, this highway, this beach, this sky.

- « Je te peins, tu me peins » Artist Residency and exhibition, Micro Onde Art center, Vélizy-Villacoublay, France
- « Collaborators 2 » Exhibition at ROOM Gallery, London, UK
- « PHPA 2010 » A HOTEL PHOTO, AN ARTIST’S VIEW, Théâtre de l’Odéon, Paris, France
- « Keluyuran » Artist Residency + Exhibition in Bandung streets / CCF Bandung / Common Room Networks Foundation, Indonesia
- « Urban dream » Exhibition in Jakarta streets / CCF Jakarta, Indonesia
- « Urban dream » Galerie Esp’Art, CCF Bandung, Indonesia
ILUSI  at Hotel La Taverna, Sanur Bali,  from June 30th  - July 16, 2012

 The opening will take place in the hotel La Taverna
                                               on Saturday, June 30th 2012 at  4pm.
 vous êtes cordialement invité

You are cordially invited 

Institut Français Indonesia (IFI) dan Alliance Française Denpasar dengan bangga mempersembahkan pameran fotografi bertajuk Ilusi karya Romain Osi. Sebuah proyek unik berupa gambar-gambar fotografi yang dipasangkan di bawah dan di atas permukaan laut di Pantai Sindu, Sanur.

Pembukaan pameran akan diadakan pada hari Sabtu tanggal 30 Juni 2012 pukul 16.00 di hotel La Traverna. 
Kami tunggu kehadiran Anda.

Institut Franqais Indonesia
These amazing sea-water proof pictures offer a dream-like meeting of earth, water, fire, , wind and space , the five elements  which according to Balinese traditions , these elements  exist in all things and human beings components . It looks like a photographic mirage, these images invite visitors  and audience  to find out balance between two different worlds  : Real and Imagination. Being displayed along with several traditional boats , the images printed in extra large format make a harmonious blend  and create an picturesque ambiance in  a floating photographic island . Thanks to the rolling waves, this exhibition is becoming more vivid and alive, gently animating the printed sails.  Visitors and audience can enjoy   photographs set beneath the sea under the boats on the other side of the island.
                       Cordially invited by 
                       Virginie VIAL ISNARD
                       Directrice / Director