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December 04, 2012

HIV/AIDS in Bali – BHA and Partners on the Offensive

BHA Press Release: HIV/AIDS in Bali - Bali Hotels Association and Partners on the Offensive
Bali Hotels Association (BHA)together with the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) and the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association [Perkumpulan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia] (PKBI) engaged in a partnership which aims at raising public awareness and educating the employees of Bali’s Hotels Association on HIV/AIDS.

In a Training of Trainers (ToT) approach – kick-started with the training of future resource persons from 20.11.2012 to 23.11.2012 - the partnership aims at providing adequate knowledge about the spread of HIV/AIDS, modes of infection, rights and social behavior as well as counseling with a focus on the work environment.

All hotels sending participants committed themselves to conduct additional awareness raising and information events for their own staff, utilizing their newly trained resource persons. It is also envisaged that the knowledge gained through the series of trainings in the participating hotels will be disseminated further to the communities in Bali, in particular the young people.

Until April 2013 GIZ, BHA and PKBI work together to educate thousands of hospitality and tourism workers. While BHA provides an audience (future replicators), infrastructure and organizational assistance, GIZ and PKBI contribute with trainers, training materials, and their expertise. The trainings were carried out through PKBI - on behalf of GIZ – who is also in charge for providing necessary coaching for the newly trained resources persons in conducting their own information events. Moreover, a joint monitoring by the three parties will be conducted in order to measure the achievements and benefits of this HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns. 

Focusing on facts and knowledge and the dedication to change of behavior, the ToTs have been conducted in a lively and sometimes even funny atmosphere. The initiative caught on – its content is already spreading beyond the direct hotel environment. Participants reported follow up discussions within their families, friends and even at their hair dressers.

Within the framework of this initiative, BHA is also committed to implement a HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy at the beginning of 2013 with the aim, among others, to ensure that HIV/AIDS positive individuals working at BHA hotels will not be discriminated against.

After the successful cooperation in Bali, GIZ plans to start a similar initiative in Lombok, making use of the valuable experience gathered during its collaboration with BHA.

With 250 million inhabitants, the Republic of Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world and the country with the fastest growing HIV epidemic in Asia with an estimate of over 400.000 people living with HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). Bali is one of the provinces with a rapid increase in HIV prevalence. Recently it is reported that an estimated one percent of pregnant women in Bali are infected with HIV/AIDS. According to the AIDS Commission [Komisi Penanggulangan AIDS] (KPA) in Denpasar, the number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Bali has increased by an alarmingly 24% during 2011 to 5.222 people, compared to 4.210 people in 2010.

As Bali is aiming to maintain its status as the number one tourist destination in Indonesia, the increase in HIV prevalence may also hamper the sustainability of tourism in Bali. HIV/AIDS positive individuals are still often stigmatised, discriminated and misinformed. Once infected, many do not seek adequate treatment due to fear of exposure and job loss. Therefore measures to stem the spread of HIV and to protect people from discrimination at home and at the workplace must be taken, to which this cooperation shall contribute.

For further information please contact:

Bali Hotels Association (BHA)

Alexander Kesper – BHA Security and Safety Executive
Nia Septinawati – BHA Scholarship and Education Program Coordinator 

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