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April 13, 2013

Lionair : Miracle Escape for all 101 passengers and 7 crew

Miracle Escape : All 101 passengers and 7 crew members were safely rescued from the plane  after Lion air B737-800 NG jet flight JT 904 overshot the runway, reportedly injuring up to 45 passengers who are currently  being treated in the hospitals in Bali according to I Made Krisna Maharta, an official with Bali's search and rescue agency.

 May 14th. 2013 updated news from National Transportation Safety Committee
The National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) released its
interim report on the Lion Air crash that occurred in Bali on April 13
this year.

The report issued on Tuesday said the plane had to land during rainy

weather and the copilot, who was in charge during the approach, had
warned twice that he did not see the runway.

The pilot then took over the controls and requested another attempted

landing. Within seconds, the plane carrying 108 passengers and crew
crashed into the shallow waters at the end of the runway. The fuselage
split in two; however, there were no fatalities.

NTSC has issued three recommendations based on the findings: First, it

has requested that Lion Air ensure that its pilots are adequately
trained, second, the report recommends that pilots receive further
training on taking over the controls at critical times at lower
altitudes and third, the airline must ensure pilots are trained to
deal with limited visibility.

A more detailed report is expected to follow.

Source:, KNKT: Lion Air Jatuh di Bali, Kopilot Tak Lihat Landasan

April 19, 2013 
LionaAir has allocated. Rp.  5.5 billion  for 101 passengers, Rp 55 million to each Bali plane crash 

The management of Lion Air has announced it will give Rp 55 million (US$5.661) in cash to every passenger on its aircraft that crash landed in the sea near Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali last week.
Lion Air service airport manager Capt. Daniel Putut said the management had prepared Rp 5.5 billion ($566 million) to compensate the passengers.
“The company has allocated Rp 5.5 billion for all 101 passengers, meaning that each passenger will receive Rp 55 million,” Daniel said as quoted by recently.
He said luggage compensation was included in the package

He further explained that in order to claim the compensation package, a passenger would only need to show his or her ID card. The management then would check and verify the data before distributing the package.
He said the compensation package disbursement would take several days.
“We will deliver the compensation package ourselves for those living outside Denpasar.”
The Lion Air airplane carrying 101 passengers and seven crew members crashed on Saturday. All passengers and cabin crew survived but 52 of them were hospitalized in several hospitals around Bali.

 Bali Hotel Association 
Today at 3:10 pm local time a Lion Air 737-800 overshot the runway in Bali and plunged into the sea.
There are no reports of casualties.
The plane was carrying 101 passengers and 7 crew members.
Bali Hotels Association feels with the passengers and crew of the unlucky flight.
'We are grateful that no lives were lost and hope that all injured passengers and crew will recover quickly', said Alessandro Migliore, Chairman of the organization that represents general managers of 112 hotels in Bali.
Editors’ note: About Bali Hotels Association
Bali Hotels Association (BHA) is a professional group of star-rated hotels and resorts in Bali. Members include general managers from more than 100 hotels and resorts in Bali, representing more than 15,000 hotel rooms and almost 30,000 employees in the tourism sector. BHA’s vision is to keep Bali as the most desirable destination in Asia through the warmth and hospitality of its people, and through sustainable tourism. Its mission is to bring together stakeholders in a non-competitive environment, to exchange information on matters of general interest, to have a common voice on issues pertaining to the tourism and hospitality industries in support of Bali as a destination.
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For further information, contact:
Alessandro Migliore
Chairman of Bali Hotels Association

A passenger jet operated by budget airline Lion Air – which recently sealed blockbuster orders for new planes skidded of runway , fortunately everyone on board survived 
Lion Air is a rapidly expanding low-cost carrier that holds about a 45 percent market share in the country of more than 17,000 islands. 

At 12:48 pm Western Indonesian Time Lion air Boeing 737 800 NG airplane, flight JT 904  , took off  from Bandung Husein Sastranegara airport  bound for Denpasar, Bali.

At 15:00  Central Indonesian Time , the weather at Ngurah Rai  has gone partly overcast

At 15: 35 Central Indonesian Time, the plane was about to land  at the Ngurah  Rai International Airport a.k.a Denpasar International Airport , however unfortunately it overshot the runway and made a hard landing , afterwards went straight and crashed in to the sea. 

The airport is located in Tuban on the Island of Bali between Kuta and Jimbaran and is close to the tourist locations of southern Bali; the resort center of Kuta is 2.5 km north of the airport. The capital of Bali Denpasar is located nearby.

The transportation ministry official Herry Bhakti initially said the plane overshot the runway, but later clarified his comments to say that it landed straight in the water.

"It apparently failed to reach the runway and  the plane crashed about 50 meters (164 feet) ahead of the runway. The weather was cloudy with rain at the time of the incident.and fell into the sea," said the managing director of Lion Air, Edward Sirait. " the Captain M Gazhali has had about 10 thousand flying hours "

He further said the Boeing 737-800 Next Generation plane was received by the airline last month and was declared airworthy. The plane originated in Bandung, the capital of West Java province, and had landed in two other cities on Saturday prior to the crash. "We are not in a capacity to announce the cause of the crash," Edward Sirait said, adding that the National Safety Transportation Committee would be  investigating it.

 Investigators probe jet's crash into sea in Bali
  • Associated Press
  • April 14, 2013 - 1:57 PM
  • updated news on Lion Air plane crash in Bali 
BALI, Indonesia - Indonesian investigators on Sunday began working to determine what caused a new Lion Air passenger jet to miss a runway while landing on the resort island of Bali, crashing into the sea without causing any fatalities among the 108 on board.
The National Transportation Safety Committee is examining the wreckage of the Boeing 737-800 that snapped in half before coming to a stop in shallow water near Bali's airport on Saturday, said Transportation Ministry spokesman Bambang Ervan.
He said aviation authorities had already removed the plane's flight data recorder and were planning to tow the aircraft to a beach. Divers were searching for the cockpit voice recorder located in the tail. Experts are examining what could have caused the crash, including whether wind shear may have played a role.
The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board announced Sunday that it was sending a team of investigators to assist Indonesian aviation authorities in their probe because the Boeing aircraft was designed and manufactured in the U.S. The team will include advisers from the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing.
Given that the aircraft was new, Sydney-based aviation expert Tom Ballantyne said a technical or mechanical problem would seem unlikely. He said it was fortunate that the plane landed flat in shallow water rather than nose-diving or hitting deep water, where it could have quickly been submerged.
"I'm surprised. The airplane split in two upon impact," he said, estimating it was likely traveling close to 300 miles (483 kilometers) per hour.
"It was coming into land and hit the water very hard. It's a miracle nobody was killed," Ballantyne said.
It is still  unclear whether microburst and  wind shear may have played a role in the accident and the pilot failed to avoid it in order to make a go around However, Indonesian aviation analyst Ruth Simatupang, a former investigator at the National Safety Transportation Committee, suspects some sort of miscalculation involving the landing.

On April 15 2013
According to the National Safety Transportation Committee or commonly called "KNKT", the Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) has been found  and taken to Jakarta for further  reading and investigation and in the meantime the Cockpit Voice recorder (CFR) reportedly still missing,  has yet to be found due to its hidden position in the tail section submerged in the sea water . In order to make the evacuation of the remains of the aircraft easier,,KNKT  is going to have the body of the aircraft severed in to 5 parts 
 At 9 pm Central Indonesian Time , thanks to the service excellence and full fledged support of KNKT and the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing, the CVR was discovered  and taken to Jakarta for further analysis .

Karmini reported from Jakarta, Indonesia. Associated Press writer Margie Mason contributed to this report from Jakarta.
On March 18th.  2013  

 Lion Air Saved the French Economy by Purchasing Airbus Planes
Amid Europe’s economic crisis, Lion Air‘s purchase of 234 Airbus aircraft has helped to inject life back into the French economy. The transaction, valued at US$ 24 billion, is considered one of the largest aircraft purchases in the world.
Francois Hollande, the president of France, explained that this transaction is the largest in civil aviation history and can save the French economy. This news is a contrast to the current events in Europe, which is overshadowed by fears of a Cyprus bailout.
“I have to thank them for this contract as Airbus will secure about 5,000 jobs over 10 years,” said Hollande, as quoted by Reuters.

Airbus employees welcome Rusdi Kirana, Co-Founder and CEO of Lion Air Group, and Airbus President and CEO Fabrice Brégier to Toulouse, France after Lion Air's order for 234 A320 Family aircraft, which was signed in Paris.  The employees gather at Airbus' Toulouse delivery center in front of an A320 Family jetliner with Lion Air colors to greet the airline's top executive on his arrival to Airbus headquarters. 
The milestone contract placed by Lion Air for 234 A320 Family jetliners was finalized during a ceremony at the presidential Elysée Palace in Paris in the presence of French President François Hollande, who witnessed the signing by Rusdi Kirana, Co-Founder and CEO of Lion Air Group, with Airbus President and CEO Fabrice Brégier. 

the normal & smooth landing of LionAir JT029 B737-900ER 
 at Denpasar International Airport,Bali

The Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 The Boeing 737-800 is the best-selling version of the successful Next-Generation 737 family. Known for its reliability, fuel efficiency and economical performance, the 737-800 is selected by leading carriers throughout the world because it provides operators the flexibility to serve a wide range of markets. The single-aisle jet, which can seat between 162 to 189 passengers, can fly 260 nautical miles farther and consume 7 percent less fuel while carrying 12 more passengers than the competing model. The 737-800 was launched on Sept. 5, 1994, with commitments from customers for more than 40 airplanes. The first delivery was to German carrier Hapag-Lloyd in spring 1998. On March 13, 1998, the 737-800 earned type certification from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. JAA type validation of the 737-800 followed on April 9, 1998. The 737-800, along with the other models of the Next-Generation 737 family (737-600, 737-700 and 737-900ER), offers a modern flight deck using the latest large flat-panel-display technology. Airlines can choose to provide their flight crews with either the latest display format, common with the 777, or opt for data format commonality with earlier 737 models. The flight deck is equipped with optional technologies such as vertical situation display, which shows the current and predicted flight path of the airplane and indicates potential conflicts with terrain; and Head-up Display, which provides pilots with "eye-level" flight and safety information. Leading-edge display and flight-management software allows the airplane to fly the most restricted navigation routes through use of industry leading Required Navigation Performance. The Next-Generation 737 is the first commercial jet certified for Ground Positioning System landings, which use satellite technology to make landings more efficient, accurate, and environmentally friendly.
Boeing 737-800 NG - Flight Training at KSFO Visual Approach 28R

Lion Air's  slogan  "We make People Fly" 
Lion Air serves 79 destinations, 55 domestic and 4 international (as of March  2013).

PT Lion Mentari Airlines, operating as Lion Air, is Indonesia’s largest privately run airline, capturing the largest share of the domestic market share. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, Lion Air flies to cities within Indonesia and to Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia and some charter routes to China Mainland and Hong Kong. Its main base is Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta.It operates scheduled passenger services on an extensive network from Jakarta to 79 Destinations.
Lion Air has been rapidly expanding its fleet to meet the need for medium-haul jets in the world's fourth most populous country. On March 2013 Lion air & Airbus signed a $24-billion contract - recorded as the most valuable commercial order booked in history - for 234 A320s. The second biggest was also made by Lion Air in 2011, in a $22.4-billion order for 230 Boeing jets.
The airline was established in October 1999 and started operations on June 30, 2000, when it began scheduled passenger services between Jakarta and Pontianak using a leased Boeing 737-200. It is owned by Rusdi Kirana and family. The airline is also planning to join IATA and therefore hoping to become the second IATA Indonesian member carrier after Garuda Indonesia. Lion Air failed, in early 2011, the initial IATA assessments for membership due to safety concerns. Lion Air and Boeing are pioneering the use of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures in Indonesia, having successfully performed validation flights at the two terrain-challenged airports of Ambon and Manado.
Starting February 2010, Lion Air increased the number of flights to Jeddah to five times weekly. This route is being served by two Boeing 747-400 aircraft, which are fitted with 496 seats each.

Boeing Signs Record $22.4 Billion Lion Air Order for 737s

Lion Air set a record when it placed an order for 230 aircraft from Boeing, making this the largest order in terms of aircraft ordered as well the cost of the order. In November 2011, Lion Air and Boeing announced that the airline planned to buy 29 737-900ER and 201 737 MAX aircraft, with options for 150 more, valued at $21.7 billion at the time. A firm order was signed on 14 February 2012, with the 737 MAX aircraft identified as 737 MAX 9s, making Lion Air the launch customer for that variant.By the time of the signing, the order's value had risen to $22.4 billion at list prices, the largest aircraft order in history.Additionally, the engines for the -900ERs, CFM 56-7s, cost about $580 million and the engines for the MAXs, CFM LEAP-1Bs, cost about $4.8 billion.Deliveries of the -900ERs are to start in 2016, with the MAXs to follow in 2017

 Export-Import Bank of the United States

Office of Communications

Media Contact: Linda Formella, (202) 565-3200

Ex-Im Bank Approves $1.1 Billion in Financing for U.S.-Manufactured B737-900ER Aircraft to Indonesia’s Lion Air

Transaction To Support an Estimated 7,300 American Jobs

Washington, D.C. -- The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) has approved a final commitment of $1.1 billion to finance the export of a fleet of Boeing 737-900ER (extended range) aircraft with CFM International aircraft engines to Lion Air, the largest privately owned airline in Indonesia. The aircraft will be delivered to Lion Air, Malindo Airways (Malaysia) and Batik Air (Indonesia).
The transaction will support an estimated 7,300 jobs at Boeing’s manufacturing facilities in Renton, Wash., and its suppliers in numerous states across the country.
"Ex-Im Bank is pleased to support part of Lion Air’s historic purchase order of Boeing extended-range aircraft. This is a tremendous opportunity for American exporters and will help to sustain thousands of jobs in the U.S. aerospace industry for years to come,” said Ex-Im Bank Chairman and President Fred P. Hochberg.
The authorization is a final commitment of a preliminary offer of financing that the Bank
approved in 2011. Ex-Im Bank is providing a guarantee of financing provided by Apple Bank for Savings in New York, N.Y. Additional funding may be provided by capital-markets investors via an Ex-Im Bank-guaranteed bond.
The financing will support a portion of Lion Air’s outstanding orders for B737-900ER aircraft, which includes 230 Boeing 737 aircraft ordered in November 2011 – the largest commercial aircraft order in aviation history.

“We’re proud that Lion Air has put its faith in the 737-900ER by being the launch customer and largest operator of the type,” said Dinesh Keskar, senior vice president of Asia Pacific and India Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “Lion Air recognizes the business value and success that comes from investing in a quality, U.S.-built product. Ex-Im Bank’s financing support allows us to compete on the merits of our product and not be disadvantaged by financing offered by our competitors.”
Headquartered in Jakarta, Lion Air provides passenger service throughout Indonesia and to other countries in Southeast Asia and Saudi Arabia. The region covered by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has more than 550 million people and is among the fastest-growing aviation markets in the world.
Lion Air President and CEO Rusdi Kirana noted, “This substantial final commitment reinforces the invaluable relationship that we enjoy with the U.S. Ex-Im Bank and positions the Lion Group and Transportation Partners for future growth across the ASEAN region.”
Boeing Commercial Airplanes is headquartered in the Puget Sound region of Washington State, and has U.S. manufacturing facilities in Renton, Everett, Auburn and Fredrickson, Wash.; Charleston, S.C.; Portland, Ore.; and Salt Lake City, Utah. Boeing employs more than 80,000 U.S. workers in commercial aircraft manufacture and related operations.

Airbus Break Boeing record by $24 billion Lion Air Order for A320s
On Monday 18 March 2013 Lion Air placed an order for 234 A320 jets with Airbus, the largest single order ever made surpassing previous record by Boeing ($22.4 Billion).
The contract, which was signed at the Elysée Palace in the presence of President François Hollande and several government ministers, is worth €18.4 billion ($24 billion) at catalogue prices, the French presidency said.

In a rare interview with The Star in Malaysia in late 2012, Lion Air’s rags-to-riches founder Rusdi Kirana said that Indonesians in the middle-income bracket were already flying to neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia. “This group will later think of Hong Kong or even Canton (Guangzhou, in southern China). And when they have more money they will want to travel to Japan, Korea, north China or Australia,” he said.

Lion Air officially launches Batik Air
Batik Air president director Achmad Luthfie said that a maiden flight would be conducted on May 3 from Soekarno-Hatta's Terminal 3.
"We are going to fly between Jakarta and Manado [North Sulawesi] during the first flight and later on we will fly the route twice a day," Achmad told reporters.
He said that the new airline would put six Boeing B737-900 Extended Range (ER) aircraft into operation this year.
"Our second aircraft will arrive on May 4 and connect Jakarta and Pekanbaru and the third on May 8," he added.
Batik Air would offer 12 business class seats and 168 economy seats on each aircraft.
Batik has obtained flight permits and approval from the Transportation Ministry to serve 66 domestic routes and 20 international routes.
The full-service airline business, as opposed to no-frills flying, has excellent local prospects, given the rising number of Indonesians with disposable income.
He said that local middle-class customers would likely switch from Lion Air to Batik Air as their incomes increased.
Frequent-flyer program Lion Passport
Airport lounge                             Lion King Lounge

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