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May 05, 2013



 Bali Hotels Association Chooses Mobile-Learning Technology Company Qooco To Introduce Its First-Ever Online Language Learning Program
Customized program caters to changing language requirements for hospitality and service staff in Bali
03 May, 2013 – As part of its dedication to upholding quality service, the Bali Hotels Association (BHA) has partnered with mobile learning technology company Qooco to implement its first-ever staff language training program. The leading hotel group, whose members include General Managers from more than 100 hotels and resorts in Bali representing almost 30,000 employees, will use Qooco’s online language learning programs to improve their spoken Mandarin and English language abilities.
In the past two years, Bali has experienced a phenomenal increase in the number of Chinese tourists. In 2010, Bali had a 175.25 percent growth in Chinese tourists compared to the previous year. Last year in 2012, Chinese visitors were the second largest foreign arrivals to visit Bali. Australians, who generally speak English, were ranked at number one.
Through virtual simulations of real life scenarios encountered by service staff, users learn the vocabulary and dialogue necessary to handle specific situations in areas of food and beverage, kitchen, security, spa, housekeeping and front desk services. Qooco’s state-of-the-art speech and analytics technologies instantly analyse and graphically illustrate the accuracy of tone and pronunciation, allowing for immediate feedback and live tuition. All lessons, conducted entirely online, are scored and tracked using data so that progress can be monitored over time – a particularly useful tool for management to identify problem areas and easily map the results of the programme.
“At Qooco we believe in the potential that technology has to transform the way organizations train staff,” said David Topolewski, CEO at Qooco, “Mobile learning, also known as m-learning, offers cost effective training solutions with lessons that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and still provide immediate feedback. Language can only be mastered through frequent practice and Qooco’s ease of access and fun and engaging teaching methods will give staff and employees results that are measurable and effective.”
For the Bali Hotels Association the investment in language learning means that staff are able to connect with guests in a more attentive and engaging way, positively enhancing the service experience for guests. At the same time there is also a bottom line incentive to investing in language training. Staff learn to explain offerings in a more convincing and impactful way, likening the chances for up sell. They are more likely to establish trust with guests and be seen as a reliable source of information. Taking language learning programs online also means that there is flexibility and staff can train at a time that is convenient for them and their employer.
 “As an international destination, language is the first barrier that local talent has to overcome to deliver first-class service. It is also a skill that benefits from on-going practice and practical application. The BHA works with Qooco because it provides an easy and upgradable system that allows continuous learning at a personalized pace for every staff member and hotel.”said Alessandro Migliore, Chairman of the BHA.
The learning initiative will begin in May and it is anticipated that several thousand users will benefit from the program this year.
About Qooco Hospitality
Driven by the potential technology has to revolutionize the way we learn language, Qooco provides language learning software for the hospitality industry, empowering staff to speak with greater confidence to guests. Qooco Hospitality programs provide coursework in areas such as food and beverage, kitchen, security, spa, housekeeping and front desk services.
Qooco’s Hospitality language solutions are designed to be fun, interactive, and flexible. Lessons maximize active engagement and encourage speaking as much as possible. With interactive automatic speech and analytics technologies, users receive instant live tutorial. With Qooco and the convenience of mobile learning technology, learning is no longer limited to a classroom.
Qooco’s mobile learning solutions can be accessed anytime, anywhere and are compatible across computer, tablet and mobile platforms. It is currently offered in 9 support languages including simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, German, Mexican Spanish. Plans are also underway to incorporate Urdu language support.
Qooco Hospitality programs are continuously being broadened with deeper content offerings and customized packaging.
More information about Qooco Hospitality can be found at
Qooco Press Contacts:
Cherie Lui, FleishmanHillard
+65 9222 3674

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