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July 10, 2014

KPU Urged Public to honor the Presidential Election Outcome

 The Outcome of Indonesia's Presidential Election In Limbo

Commission of General Election (KPU) appealed to public to respect the result of the General Election, whatever it is. The official result of the Presidential Election will only be released on 22 July 2014.
“We encourage everybody to respect and honor  the outcome of the election which was held peacefully both in the country and overseas,” said the Chairman of KPU Husni Kamil Manik in Jakarta (10/7).
He also claimed that voting and counting processes in Jakarta and other cities were reported smooth and peaceful.
Counting process in respective polling stations (TPS) was done yesterday. For three days since today (10/7), KPU will recapitulate and tally the voting results in sub-districts, followed by the districts, cities and provinces. National recapitulation will be done from 20 July to 22 July 2014.
Husni urged all parties to participate in monitoring the recapitulation process and give credence to KPU so that the officials can do their best and work professionally.
“Officials from all levels in KPU will continue working with professionalism, neutrality, independence and integrity,” he added.

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The official tally in the election isn't expected for at least 10 days.
The Associated Press reports:

"The apparent deadlock has raised fears of political instability in the world's most populous Muslim nation and Southeast Asia's biggest economy. It could not only stymie the economic development but also stall the nation's young democracy, which has just begun to flourish after decades of authoritarian rule.
"Widodo, known as Jokowi, came out ahead with 52 percent of the vote, according to the three most credible unofficial quick counts. But Subianto pointed to lesser-known surveys showing he came out on top, but later said he would consider the election commission's announcement in two weeks as the 'only formal result of the election.' "
According to the BBC, both candidates have met separately with Yudhoyono. Widodo's supporters had already begun setting off fireworks in celebration:

"After meeting Mr Yudhoyono, Mr Widodo told supporters to wait for the official results.
" 'We call on all party members and volunteers not to organise a parade, it's better just to give thankful prayers,' he said.
"Mr Subianto, who started the campaign far behind Mr Widodo but then gained ground, has also urged people to respect the formal results.
"No violence was reported after the polls, with tens of thousands of police deployed."
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