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July 17, 2014

Malaysian Airlines lost its second Boeing 777, MH17

 We are deeply grieved over the second loss of  298 passengers including 15 crew  on board  Boeing 777 MH17 bound for Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam on Thursday17 July 2014 

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight MH17 operates on a Boeing 777. It departed  Schipol,Amsterdam at 12.15pm (Amsterdam local time) and the estimated time of arrival at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is at 6.10am later this morning (Malaysian time).

On the passenger manifest lists passengers of various nationalities :11 Indonesian nationals, 6 UK nationals, and 154 Dutch, 27 Australian , 23 Malaysian passengers thought to be on board
According to Huib Gorter, vice president of Malaysian Airlines Europe
Nationalities 154 Netherlands 27 Australians 45 Malaysians including infant , 12 Indonesians including an infant ,  6 UK 4 Germans 4 Belgians 3 Philippines 1 Canadian 4 French nationals , additional 47 passengers were not disclosed,

Pro-Russian separatists have reportedly said they have found the black box of Flight MH17, as reported by Interfax.

The news agency also said the plane was believed to have been brought down by a BUK ground-to-air missile.

Speaking from Wilmington, Delaware, US President Barack Obama said they were working on determining whether there were any Americans on board MH17, adding they will offer help wherever they can.
He also said his thoughts and prayers are with the families of those on board.

Dutch King Willem Alexander issued a press statement saying he was deeply shocked by what has happened to MH17.

“Just like the rest of the Netherlands, my wife and I follow the news to the minute and we hope to have more clarity soon. We offer or deepest sympathy to the families, friends and colleagues of the victims and to those who are still uncertain if their loved ones were on board the plane,” the statement read.

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte expressed his dismay over what had happened to MH17.

In a press statement, Rutte said, “Very much is still unclear about the facts, the circumstances and the passengers.”

As reported by NL Times, Rutte his cancelling his holiday and is returning to the Netherlands, adding that he would monitor and handle the situation.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has issued a statement, expressing his deepest and most sincere condolences to friends and relatives of the deceased who were on board MH17.

“All possible search-and-rescue operations are being conducted,” his statement read.

“The Head of State addressed the Cabinet of Ministers to immediately establish the State commission to investigate the given tragedy. We are confident that those responsible for the given tragedy will be brought to justice.”

Rest in Peace Angeline Premila

Angeline Premila (30) was confimred  to be one of the crew members on board
Malaysia Airlines 17.
"Take care of my pet dog, Lexi," Angeline said in her message via Whatsapp before the ill fated  aircraft departed Schipol Amasterdam for kuala Lumpur. Her elder sister, Murphy Govind, said her mother was weeping, deeply grieved over the tragic demise of her daughter. Feeling the deep sorrow, her mom locked herself in the room  

 The Kuala Lumpur-bound Boeing 777 airliner crashed in the eastern
region of Ukraine, near the Russian border, claiming the lives of the 298 passengers
and crew.

The 283 passengers and 15 crew members on board are all believed to be perished
The victims were identified through their passports, reported Life News, a Russian news agency.
Charlotte appears to be born in 2001 while Tomas was born in 1997. Their names were later updated by Life News as V.D.M. Sophie, Charlotte and V.K. Allard, Tomas.
Singh, whose full name is Sanjid Singh Sandhu Jijar Singh, was born in 1973 and is a resident of India.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak's step-grandmother Puan Sri Siti Amirah was one of the 43 Malaysians who are believed to have perished when Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine on Thursday.
According to a family spokesman, Mdm Siti was travelling alone on her way back to Jogjakarta, Indonesia from Amsterdam and intended to transit at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Among the 298 perished are 80 kids.

Mo, 12, Evie, 10, and Otis, eight, were on their way back to Perth, Australia, with their grandad Nick Norris when MH17 crashed.
The family had been on holiday in Europe and their parents had decided to stay on in Amsterdam for a few days before returning.
Reports suggest Mr Norris had been taking the children back early to make sure they were home in time to start school.

Australian newlyweds Simone La Posta and Juan Jovel were due to be on MH17 but changed plans at the last minute and took an earlier flight. They were in Europe for their honeymoon. Ms La Posta told ABC News: "It's a bit surreal to think that one day later and I wouldn't be standing here."

4 Perished passengers from Bali and 8 from other cities in Indonesia  have been identified , issued by Indonesian Consulate in Den Haag ,the Netherlands 

 1) Yelena Clarice Huizen (Baby)  - Dalung. 2) Wayan Sujana - Gerokgak, Buleleng. 3) Yodrciunda  Theistiasih - Dalung. 4) Ketut Wartini 

1. Hadiono Gunawan (male)
2. Yodricunda Theistiasih (female)
3. Ketut Wiartini (female)
4. Yuli Hastini (female)
5. Vickline Kurniati Kardia (female)
6. Supartini (female)
7. Hendry (male)
8. Gerda Leliana Lahendra (female)
9. Wether Smallenburg (lmale)
10. Jane M Adi Soetjipto (female)
11. Wayan Sujana (male)
12. Clarice Yelena Huizen (baby) 

A husband and wife and their infant daughter were among the victims of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, which crashed in battle-torn east Ukraine Thursday.
Yodricunda Theistiasih (R) with her husband Aroud Huizen (L) and their daughter Yelena at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam before they boarded Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on July 17.
Courtesy of the Huizen family
Yodricunda Theistiasih, a native of Ambon, left the Netherlands aboard the ill-fated plane with her Dutch husband Arnoud Huizen and their two-year daughter Yelena. The family, whose final destination was their home in Bali, had just completed a three-week visit to the Netherlands to finish processing their daughter’s Dutch citizenship papers.
“I heard the news last night from [Arnoud’s] family in the Netherlands that they were killed in the accident,” said Martha Mariana Titihalawa, Ms. Theistiasih’s cousin. She declined to give Ms. Theistiasih’s or her husband’s exact ages. “They were supposed to be home today,” she added.
Ms. Theistiasih and Ms. Titihalawa moved to the resort island of Bali in search of work in the late 1990s from their birthplace in eastern Indonesia’s town of Ambon.
Ms. Theistiasih found work and Mr. Huizen, who she later married. She worked in a hotel in Kuta, one of Bali’s most well-known tourist beaches.
The family was among the 283 passengers and 15 crew killed in the crash of Flight 17. U.S. intelligence agencies say the plane was struck by a ground-to-air missile while flying near the border of Ukraine and Russia.

 Wayan Sujana (24) on the Left 
": [Video] 2 victims of of Buleleng Bali,Wayan Sujana,24 & Ketut Wiartini 33 |Warta TVRI Bali "
 He went to Holland to attend his friend's wedding > he told his younger sister that he would be back on Thursday by phone > he was the bread winner for the family.  He was going to graduate this year.
Another casualty named Ketut Wiartini (33), a widow with one child ,of Tukad Ampel Kubutambahan village, Buleleng has worked in Holland for 14 years.She was also the bread winner for the family 

The last glimpse of the Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH17 that crashed Thursday over Ukraine, was captured by
Malaysian passenger Md Ali Md Salim moments before departure, a media
report said Friday.
                                            In the caption of the Instagram video, the 30-year-old seemed to have
expressed his worries and nervousness  before flying home. "Bismillah... #hatiadasikitgentar (In the name of God... feeling a
little bit nervous)", read the caption.
 An announcement, believed to be the voice of the pilot, can be heard
in the background of the video.  "At the moment, we are on the final stages of boarding and cargo
loading. Once again, please ensure all your phones are off," the pilot
said before the video ended.

President Obama identified the American killed on the flight as , who he said held dual citizenship. Schansman's other citizenship was Dutch, .

     Jennifer Vanderlei was identified by her passport, also by Life News. It appears that she may have been Canadian. The spelling of her name was later clarified to Jennifer van der Lefs.
Another casualty  was identified as Wouter Johannes Whilhelm, born 1959.
Before boarding, Dutch passenger Cor Pan posted a photo of the plane on Facebook, joking, “If it disappears, this is what it looks like.” A reference to missing  Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.Two other victims appear to be Cor Pan and his girlfriend Neeltji Tola. Pan posted a photo on Facebook just before the plane took off from Amsterdam.

Dr. Haileyesus Getahun, the head of the World Health Organization’s Global TB programme, confirmed via Twitter that Glenn Thomas, a WHO media relations coordinator, died in the crash.

WHO's Dr. Rachel Baggaley told Vox, "I'm just devastated. He's a very close colleague whom I work with on a daily basis. He just had his birthday, he was going to plan all sorts of celebrations."
The International AIDS Conference is taking place in Melbourne this weekend. The International AIDS Society, which organized the event, released a statement following the tragic news:

 What a HUGE loss to the world. Just learned that dear friend, amazing father to 5 girls and veteran AIDS researcher Joep Lange was on #MH17
Dr. Seema Yasmin, a staff writer at the Dallas Morning News and a former CDC investigator, claims veteran AIDS researcher Joep Lange was on the flight as well.
 Many of the passengers who perished  when a Malaysia Airlines plane crashed in Ukraine were heading to the 20th International Aids Conference in Melbourne, officials said on Friday.
 It is due to start on Sunday with the 12,000 participants joined this year by former US president Bill Clinton and rock singer and poverty activist Bob Geldof.
  "My thoughts & prayers to families of those tragically lost on flight #MH17. Many passengers were enroute to #AIDS2014 here in #Melbourne," tweeted UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibe. -
 "My thoughts & prayers to families of those tragically lost on flight #MH17. Many passengers were enroute to #AIDS2014 here in #Melbourne," tweeted UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibe.
Australia's National Aids Trust paid tribute to Lange.
"Reports Joep Lange died in Malaysian plane crash today, with other scientists on way to @AIDS-conference. Desperately sad news," it said on Twitter.
American academic and Aids activist Gregg Gonsalves tweeted that "lots of AIDS researchers, activists, officials on downed Malaysia Airlines flight to Melbourne for Intl AIDS Conference", naming Lange.
"Joep Lange was a leading AIDS researcher and clinician and an activist at heart. Lost today too soon on Malaysian flight 019 (sic). RIP," he said.
- See more at:
 Australia's National Aids Trust paid tribute to Lange."Reports Joep Lange died in Malaysian plane crash today, with other scientists on way to @AIDS-conference. Desperately sad news," it said on Twitter.
Dr. Joep M.A Lange M.D Ph.D 
Joep Lange is Professor of Medicine, Head of the Department of Global Health, at the Academic Medical Center (AMC), University of Amsterdam, Executive Scientific Director of the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD), Chair of the Steering Committee AIGHD.

American academic and Aids activist Gregg Gonsalves tweeted that "lots of AIDS researchers, activists, officials on downed Malaysia Airlines flight to Melbourne for Intl AIDS Conference", naming Lange.
- See more at:
And a Malaysian, 31-year-old Nuz Shazana, was probably among the 15 crew members in the ill fated aircraft , family members told the New Strait Times. Father Sallah Samsuddin said that he had just recently talked to his daughter before the flight.

Rest in Peace
Captain: Wan Amran Bin Wan Hussin (male, 50 years old)

Captain: Eugene Choo Jin Leong (male, 45 years old)

Vice- captain: Ahmad Hakimi Bin Hanapi (male, 29 years old)

Vice- captain: Muhamad Firdaus Bin Abdul Rahim (male, 27 years old)

Mohd Ghafar Bin Abu Bakar (male, 54 years old)

Dora Shamila Binti Kassim (female, 47 years old)

Azrina Binti Yakob (female, 41 years old)

Lee Hui Pin (female, 42 years old)

Mastura Binti Mustafa (female, 40 years old)

Chong Yee Pheng (female, 40 years old)

Shaikh Mohd Noor Bin Mahmood (male, 44 years old)

Sanjid Singh Sandhu (male, 41 years old)

Hamfazlin Sham Binti Mohamed Arifin (female, 42 years old)

Nur Shazana Binti Mohamed Salleh (female, 31 years old)

Angeline Premila Rajandaran (female, 30 years old)

Malaysian news outlet The Star has separately reported several names
on the list in addition to some details of the nationalities of the
passengers on board.

Senior vice president of Malaysia Airlines Huib Gorter released the nationalities of 259 of the 298 people on board the flight late on Thursday: 154 Dutch, 27 Australians, 45 Malaysians (including two infants), 12 Indonesians (including an infant), nine from the United Kingdom, four Germans, four Belgians, three from the Philippines, and one Canadian. He said officials were still verifying the nationalities of the other passengers.
: PM Najib Razak says Malaysians are united in offering prayers for everyone on board the plane

Malaysia Airlines flight crashes in Ukraine
A Malaysia Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, crashed Thursday in eastern Ukraine.
Malaysia Airlines confirmed that it lost contact with Flight 17 and that the plane's last known position was over Ukrainian airspace, the airline said on Twitter.
The aircraft was "shot down" over Ukraine by "terrorists" operating a Buk surface-to-air missile system, according to the Facebook page of Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. There were 280 passengers killed as well as 15 crew members, Gerashchenko's post reads.
The plane was shot down near the town on Torez in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, according to the post, as it flew at about 10,000 meters (32,000 feet).
"We do not exclude that the plane was shot down and confirm that the Ukraine Armed Forces did not fire at any targets in the sky," Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said, according to his website.
Malaysian P.M. 'shocked' at crash report Report: Malaysia plane crashes in Ukraine Video reportedly shows MH17 crash
FlightRadar24 showed the plane disappearing near Kremenchuk, Ukraine.
The jet is a Boeing 777, according to Interfax, a Russian news agency. The plane reportedly went down near the border between Russia and Ukraine.
"We are aware of reports on MH17. We're gathering more information," Boeing said on Twitter.
"I am shocked by reports that an MH plane crashed. We are launching an immediate investigation," Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said in another tweet.
News of the Malaysian plane comes in the same week that Ukrainian officials said a Russian fighter shot down a Ukrainian military transport plane while the aircraft was in in Ukrainian airspace.
The route the Malaysian plane was on, between Kuala Lumpur and the Netherlands, is a common one, CNN aviation safety consultant Mary Schiavo said Thursday. She said that the plane was flying over a troubled area and that close communication with air traffic controllers would be a key necessity.
In hostile or disputed areas, "any alteration from your course, and you can have a problem," she said.
People inspect wreckage thought to be from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine. This image was posted to Twitter.
People inspect wreckage thought to be from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine. This image was posted to Twitter.
President Obama has been briefed on the situation, said Josh Earnest, White House press secretary.
The President has directed his staff to be in touch with senior Ukrainian officials, Earnest said.

Released at 12:30am/18 July 2014
Malaysia Airlines confirms it received notification from Ukrainian ATC that it had lost contact with flight MH17 at 1415 (GMT) at 30km from Tamak waypoint, approximately 50km from the Russia-Ukraine border.
Flight MH17 operated on a Boeing 777 departed Amsterdam at 12.15pm (Amsterdam local time) and was estimated to arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 6.10 am (Malaysia local time) the next day.
The flight was carrying 280 passengers and 15 crew onboard.
More details to follow.
Malaysian Airlines Media Statement : MH17 Incident

Razak said he had spoken with President Obama, and that they agreed "the investigation must not be hindered in any way. An international team must have full access to the crash site, and no one should interfere with the [crash site] or move any debris."
"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of those on board the flight. I cannot imagine what they must be going through at this painful time. The flight passengers and crew came from many different countries, but today regardless of nationality we are all united in grief."

This month, the Malaysian airline's main shareholder was considering restructuring the operation and taking it private, the Wall Street Journal reported.
The Journal used the words "turn around" and "resuscitate" to describe the strategy.
In the weeks following the disappearance of Flight 370, some family members of passengers were harshly critical of Malaysia Airlines and Malaysian aviation authorities regarding the investigation.
 Malaysian Airlines Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine MH17 Boeing 777-200

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak tweeted Thursday that Malaysia is launching an immediate investigation into the loss of MH17.

 Malaysian passenger plane MH17 was allegedly shot down in Ukraine near Russian border
In April the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration ordered American airlines to avoid airspace over Crimea, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov because the region poses the "potential for conflicting air traffic control instructions from Ukrainian and Russian authorities and ... the misidentification of civil aircraft. ..."
It's unknown if Malaysian aviation officials issued a similar warning.
Boeing's twin-engine 777 boasts an excellent safety record and is among the most sophisticated airliners flying today. Its capacity is between 300 and 450 passengers and a range of about 5,700 miles.

US confirms MH17 was shot down

MH17 "was shot down" and there "may have been American citizens on board", US vice-president Joe Biden said in a speech at the Netroots Nation conference in Detroit.
Senior US officials have told the Wall Street Journal and CNN, as well as other American news outlets, that they have confirmed a surface-to-air missile brought down the plane.
As explained by Barbara Starr on CNN, US intelligence found a heat signature from "a massive event" and also had "information from intelligence assets" confirming the use of a surface-to-air missile system.
"[US intelligence has] another asset that gives them a heat signature, an infrared heat signature that tells them there was a massive event … they put both of these pieces of information together and concluded that the plane was shot down," Starr said.

  • Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot down over territory held by Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine
  • Body parts and wreckage spread over nine-mile area, suggesting plane broke up mid-air
  • Britain requests an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council in New York
  • US President Barack Obama calls the crash a 'terrible tragedy', and offers condolences to passengers' families
  • Ukrainian interior ministry says plane was shot down by a BUK surface-to-air missile
  • President Petro Poroshenko issued robust denial that his forces were involved, and calls crash an 'act of terrorism'
  • Ukraine's state security chief accuses Russian military intelligence officers of involvement in crash
  • Pro-Russian rebels also denied shooting down the plane and blamed Ukrainian air force
  • Rebel leader says they now  intend to call a three-day ceasefire to allow an investigation of the crash
  • Journalists in region say they saw a Buk-type launcher in pro-Russian rebel hands yesterday

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