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August 27, 2014

SBY Jokowi discuss Transition to New Government

Bali, Indonesia Eventually the incumbent President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono met the President Elect Joko Widodo at Balai Raya room, Lagoon resort  Nusa Dua Bali on Wednesday evening August 27, 2014

It was an unprecedented event in the Indonesian political history where two Indonesian Presidents met to discuss transition to the New Government which will be effective in October 2014 

On 21 August, the Constitutional Court (MK) delivered its final verdict that officially ended all election disputes. The President-Vice President pair Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla would be officially inaugurated in October 2014.

The Outgoing President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono humbly initiated  the new President Elect Jokowi to meet at his convenience either in Jakarta after his state visit to Papua and Timor Leste or in Bali as Bali to host Global Forum of UN Alliance of Civilization ( UNAOC ) and President Sby would also officially open and deliver his keynote address at the Sixth World Global Alliance Civilization on August 28th 2014 at Nusa Dua Bali 

President SBY on the Presidential Aircraft apparently  touched down Bali 3 hours ahead of President Elect Jokowi who was accompanied by Surya Paloh on his private jet 
The informal meeting was slated at 8 pm WITA, however it was just started at 8 55 WITA 

As Jokowi was walking down to the Balai Raya room, Sby came up to him and cordially welcomed him

 Reportedly the two leaders will discuss the draft state budget 2015 alongside talks surrounding fuel subsidy.

 However, the main agenda that the two leaders wished to accomplish during 2 hours informal friendly meeting is to ensure that the transition process between the incumbent and the new administration runs smoothly .

 It is another legacy or tradition  we should cherish

On his twitter account President SBY  reportedly stated that he would  mostly “listen” to Jokowi at this meeting, which takes place at a prestigious event venue of Nusa Dua.
The meeting lasted almost 2 hours before both of them came out and gave press conference 

Both of them looked so happy being able to share their expectations and discuss restraints in the Draft State Budget 2015 as President SBY delivered  before the Plenary Session of House of Representatives on August 15 2014 

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